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Westland Aircraft Limited is a British aircraft manufacturing company.

Military Products

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Westland Aircraft Limited Aircraft
Biplanes Fighters N.1BPV.4PV.6Wallace IWallace IIWapiti IWapiti IAWapiti IBWapiti IIWapiti IIAWapiti IIIWapiti IVWapiti VIIIWeaselWestbury
Light Bombers Yeovil
Reconnaissance WalrusWapiti VWapiti VII
Torpedo Bombers PV.3
Transport Limousine ILimousine IILimousine III
Training Wapiti VI
Trials / Testing Woodpigeon IWoodpigeon II
Monoplanes Carrier Fighters Wyvern TF.1Wyvern TF.2Wyvern TF.4
Fighters C.O.W. Gun FighterInterceptorPterodactyl VPterodactyl VIPV.7Wagtail
Heavy Fighters P.9Wizard IWizard IIWhirlwind IWhirlwind II
High-Altitude Fighters Welkin I
Light Bombers Witch
Maritime Patrol (includes flying boats) Pterodactyl VII
Night Fighters Welkin II
Reconnaissance Lysander ILysander TT ILysander IILysander TT IILysander IIILysander IIIALysander III SCWLysander TT IIILysander TT IIIAP.12
Touring Widgeon IWidgeon IIWidgeon IIIWidgeon IIIA
Transport DreadnoughtPterodactyl VIIIWessex
Trainers Wyvern T.3
Trials / Testing Pterodactyl GliderPterodactyl IPterodactyl IIPterodactyl IIIPterodactyl IVPterodactyl VPterodactyl VIPterodactyl VIIPterodactyl VIII