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The VSS-M (GRAU Index: 6P29M) is a Russian suppressed marksman rifle developed from the VSS in the 2010s. The VSS-M comes equipped with the 1P86 Holographic Sight mounted on a NAR-compatible dust cover.

The VSS-M primarily differs from the VSS in the fact it uses the STANAG 4694 NATO Accessory Rail (NAR) instead of the Warsaw Pact Rail to mount optics. The NAR is also mounted just forward of the original hand-guard.


The AS and VSS only differ by their furniture, with the VSS having a fixed wooden skeleton stock with integrated pistol grip instead of a folding skeleton stock with pistol grip. Both models are capable of fully-automatic fire.The barrel these two guns also have a slightly diffrent, the VSS having a barrel better suited for precision fire, while the AS are meant to endure heavier volume of fire.

AS Val — 6P30
Standard assault rifle model.
AS-1 — 6P30-1
Assault rifle model fitting the 6Ts1-1 optic.
AS-1N3 — 6P30-1N3
Assault rifle model fitting the 1PN51 optic.
AS-M — 6P30M
Modernized assault rifle model with STANAG 2324 Picatinny Rail and usually fitting the 1P86 optic.
VSS — 6P29
Marksman rifle model.
VSS-1 — 6P29-1
Marksman rifle model fitting the 6Ts101 optic.
VSS-1N — 6P29-1N
Marksman rifle model fitting the 1PN34 optic.
VSS-1N3 — 6P29-1N3
Marksman rifle model fitting the 1PN51 optic.
VSS-M — 6P29M
Modernized marksman rifle model with STANAG 2324 Picatinny Rail and usually fitting the 1P86 optic.
Marksman rifle model fitting the 1PN75 optic.


Civilian marksman model with STANAG 2324 Picatinny Rail.
Civilian marksman model with Warsaw Pact Rail.
Compact derivative without integrated suppressor.
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