The US Supply Catalog organizes various pieces of military equipment for easier requisition and supply work.


Group A

Index Item Notes
A1 "Major items, and major combinations of"
A2 M1921 Machine Gun
A3 Material, Anti-Aircraft, Automatic Gun Parts and equipment
A4 M1918 Automatic Rifle, M1918A1
A5 M1917 Machine Gun, and M1917A- variants
A6 M1919 Machine Gun, and M1919A- variants
A7 37mm Gun Carriage, M1916A1, M1916A2
A8 Ammunition Cart, Machine Gun, M1917
A9 37mm Ammunition Cart, M1917
A10 "Items not authorized for general use"
A11 M1918 Aircraft Machine Gun (Lewis)
A12 M1918 Aircraft Machine Gun
A13 M1918M1(?) Aircraft Machine Gun
A14 M1916 Aircraft Machine Gun
A15 37mm Gun, M1916
A16 6pdr
A17 Hangers, pack, gun and ammunition Parts and equipment
A18 M1922 Machine Rifle
A19 Parts common for Group A materiel
A20 M1921 Aircraft Machine Gun
A21 Light Mortar Cart, M1
A22 Telephone Communications Cart, M1
A23 75mm Mortar, M1 and M2
A24 Provisional cart (radio, telephone, or light mortar) Parts and equipment
A25 37mm Gun Carriage, M2
A26 Cart, M2
A27 2.24" Gun, M1 Mk. II 6pdr Mk. II
A28 .50 M2 Fixed Aircraft Machine Gun
A29 37mm Gun, M1A2 on M3A1 carriage
A30 Wheeled Machine Gun Mount, M1
A31 ?
A32 M1928A1 Submachine Gun
A33 81mm Mortar, M1 and M4
A34 3-inch Trench Mortar Mk1
A35 "Tool, maintenance, for repair of Group A material" 1 July 1945
A36 .50 Aircraft Machine Gun, M2
A37 .50 Water-cooled Machine Gun, AA, M2
A38 .50 AN/M2 Machine Gun
A40 .22 Machine Gun, Trainer, M1
A41 ?
A42 Hand Cart, M3, M3A4, M4, M4A1, M5, M5A1, M6, and M6A1
A43 60mm Mortar, M2 and M19
A44 37mm Gun, M3 on Carriage, M4
A45 37mm Gun, M6 on Mount, M23
A46 37mm Automatic Gun, M4 and M10
A47 20mm Automatic Gun, M1, M2, M24, and AN/M2
A48 "subcaliber device"
A48S1 ?
A48S2 ?
A48S3 ?
A48S4 22. M2A1 Rifle
A48S5 .22 M5 Rifle
A48S6 3.0 M1903A2 Rifle
A48S7 .22 Machine Gun, Trainer, M3 and M4
A48S8 .30 Machine Gun, Trainer, T9
A48S9 ?
A48S10 60mm Mortar, M28 and M31
A49 M1918A2 Automatic Rifle
A50 40mm Automatic Gun, M1 on M2 Carriage Bofors 40mm
A51 ?
A52 M2 Submachine Gun
A53 20mm Automatic Gun, M1, M2, M24, and AN/M2
A54 Mount, Machine Gun, Twin, Cal. .50, M33
A55 "mounts small arms for motor vehicles"
A55S1 "Introduction and index"
A55S2 3.5-inch Ball Mount, M13
A55S3 Bracket Mount, M20
A55S4 Left and right sponson mount, parts and equipment Used in Light Tank, M2
A55S5 Combination Gun Mount, M22
A55S6 Combination Gun Mount, M23, and M23A2
A55S7 Machine Gun Mount, M26
A55S8 Bow Gun Mount, M27
A55S9 Combination Gun Mount, M24 and M2A1
A55S10 Machine Gun Mount
A55S11 Ball Mount
A55S12 37mm Gun Mount, M25 and M26
A55S13 Ball Mount
A55S14 Machine Gun Mount, M29
A55S15 Machine Gun Mount, M30
A55S16 Pedestal Truck Mount, M24 and M24A1
A55S17 Pedestal Truck Mount, M25
A55S18 Pedestal Truck Mount, M31
A55S19 Truck Mount, M32, M36, and M37
A55S20 Machine Gun Mount, T53
A55S21 Pedestal Machine Gun Mount, M4
A55S22 Combination Gun Mount, T55
A55S23 Machine Gun Muunt
A55S24 Combination Gun Mount, M44
A55S25 Machine Gun Mount
A55S26 Twin Machine Gun Mount, T52 Used in Heavy Tank, M6
A55S27 Ring Mount, M41
A55S28 Mount, M35 and M35C
A55S29 Machine Gun, AA, Mount
A55S30 Machine Gun Mount
A55S31 Bracket Mount, M40
A55S32 MG mount M48
A55S33 Pedestal Machine Gun Mount, M39, M43, and twin M46
A55S34 .30 MG mount
A55S35 AA, Mount
A55S36 Flexible Bow Gun Mount
A55S37 Machine Gun, AA, Mount
A55S38 Machine Gun, AA, Mount
A55S39 Bow Gun Mount
A55S40 Machine Gun, AA, Mount
A55S41 Flexible Bow Gun Mount
A55S42 Ball mount
A55S43 Machine Gun Mount, AA
A55S44 Ring Mount, M66
A55S45 Pedestal Machine Gun Mount
A55S46 Machine Gun Mount Used in M24 Chaffee
A55S47 Ball Mount
A55S48 ?
A55S49 ?
A55S50 Ring Mount, M49, M49A1, M49A1C. Truck Mount, M32, M36, M37, M50, M56, M58, M59, M60, and M61
A55S51 Truck Mount, M57
A55S52 Truck Mount, M58
A55S53 Truck Mount, M59
A55S54 Truck Mount, M60
A55S55 Truck Mount, M61
A55S56 Ring Mount, M68
A56 Machine Gun, Trainer, M9
A57 37mm Automatic Gun, AN/M9
A58 M3 Submachine Gun
A59 M2 Machine Gun
A60 Lightweight Utility Cart
A61 Quadmount M55
A62 2-inch Mortar, M3
A63 ?
A64 .60 T17E3 Machine Gun
A65 ?
A66 ?
A67 .50 AN/M3 Machine Gun
A68 ?
A69 Hand Cart, M7 and M9
A70 4.2-inch Mortar, M2
A71 Machine, Linking, Powered. Cal. .50. M5. and Delinker, M7
A72 Sled Artillery M2, M2C, M3, M4, M5, M6, M7, M8, M9, M10, M10C, and M12 Ski Snow M13
A73 20mm Automatic Gun, M24, M24A1, M24E4. 20mm Repositioner, M17
A74 Ball Mount
A75 Mount for .50 or .30 machine guns
A76 Mount with shield for .50 or .30 machine guns
A77 .50 subcaliber mount M19
A78 Ball mount
A79 Machine Respositioning M15
A80 Mount for .50 machine gun
A81 Mount for .30 machine gun
A82 81mm Mortar, M29 with M23 baseplate
A83 20mm Powered Linker, M16
A84 Machine Gun Twin Mount, T122
A85 4.2-inch Mortar, M30 and T104
A86 Tripod Weapon Mount, M74 (T113E2)
A87 ?
A88 .50 machine gun mount AA
A89 M37 Machine Gun
A90 Machine gun mount for .30
A91 .60-inch Automatic Gun, T130E3, T130E4, M38. 20mm Automatic Gun, T160E3, M39, and M39A1
A92 Cradle, pintle, and ammunition box tray for .30 or .50 machine gun
A93 .50 AA machine gun mount
A94 Machine, repositioning, 20mm, M17
A95 30mm Automatic Gun, T121 and T182
A96 Machine Gun Ring Mount, M81
A97 Machine Gun Ring Mount
A98 Commander's cupola AA machine gun mount
A99 ?
A100 ?

G1 to G99

G100 to G199

G200 to G299

G300 to G499

G500 to G599

G600 to G699

  • G600
    • Semitrailer, 7½-Ton, low platform

G700 to G799

G800 to G899

  • G800
    • M197 Dolly, trailer converter, 6-ton
    • M198 Dolly, trailer converter, 6-ton

G900 to end

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