Flag of China (1949 - Present China
Hawk Type97
PF-97 — Rocket launcher (?)
PTL-97 — Wheeled Self-Propelled Gun
QBB-97Infantry Automatic Rifle
QBZ-97Assault Rifle
Flag of Japan Japan
Navy Type96 No. 6 60kg Ground Bomb
Type97 20mm Anti-Tank Rifle
Type97 Grenade
Type97 Machine Gun
Type97 Sniper Rifle
Type97 7.7mm Aircraft MG
Type97 81mm Light Mortar
Type97 90mm Medium Mortar
Type97 150mm Heavy Mortar
Type97 Chi-Ni | Experimental Medium Tank 'Chi-Ni'
Type97 Medium Tank 'Chi-Ha'
Type97 Cable Layer
Type97 Light Armoured Car 'Te-Ke'
Type97 Pole Planter
Type97 Torpedo
Type97 Fighter | Nakajima Ki-27
Flag of Taiwan (1945 - Present Taiwan (Republic of China)
Type 97 Pistol
Flag of the United States of America (1960 to present) United States of America
Bushmaster Carbon 15 Type 97 — Compact carbine
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