The Type74 (74式戦車 nana-yon-shiki-sensha) is a Japanese main battle tank developed my Mitsubishi.



First prototype.
Second prototype.
Third prototype.
Fourth prototype.
Fifth prototype.
Sixth prototype.


First production model.
Type74 Mod A
Second production model.
Type74 Mod B
Third production model.
Type74 Mod C
Fourth production model.
Type74 Mod D
Fifth production model.
Type74 Mod E
Sixth production model.
Type74 Mod F
Seventh production model.
Type74 Mod G
Eighth production model.
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Modern Period (1946 - Present)
Tracked Vehicles
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Infantry Fighting Vehicle Type 89
Infantry Fighting Vehicle, Command [[]]
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Medium Tank M46M47
Self-Propelled Guns Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun & SAM SUB-IType 61Type 87
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Self-Propelled Recoilless Gun Type 60
Self-Propelled Rocket Artillery Type 75
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Mine Clearing / Sweeping [[]]
Misc Tanks Ammunition Carrier [[]]
Armoured Personnel Carrier Type 60Type 73
Armoured Recovery Type 70Type 78
Bridge Laying Type 67Type 91
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Medical [[]]
Observation, Spotting & Survey [[]]
RADAR [[]]
Recon [[]]
Wheeled Vehicles
Offensive / Defensive Infantry Fighting Vehicles [[]]
Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun & SAM [[]]
Self-Propelled Anti-Tank Guided Missile [[]]
Self-Propelled Anti-Tank Gun Type 16
Self-Propelled Howitzer LCV
Other Armoured Car [[]]
Armoured Personnel Carrier Type 96
Cargo [[]]
Command [[]]
Engineering [[]]
Fire Fighting [[]]
Infantry Mobility Vehicle [[]]
Medical [[]]
Observation, Spotting & Survey [[]]
Reconnaissance [[]]
Transport & Towing [[]]
Utility [[]]
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