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The Type 3 Light Tank (三式軽戦車), known by the confidential name Ke-Ru (ケル) is a Japanese light tank developed in 1943, which was the result of equipping the Type95 Light Tank with the turret of the Type97 Medium Tank.


Due to the confusion of research in the past, this vehicle which was long held as Type4 Light Tank 'Ke-Nu' is actually Type 3 Ke-Ru. The real Type 4 Ke-Nu is a turret revision of the Type 2 Ke-To.


Experimental Type 95 Light Tank (?)
Type 95 Light Tank, Ha-Gō — Ke-Gō
Standard light tank model.
Type 95 Light Tank, Ha-Gō (Manchuria Suspension) — Ke-Gō
Model with modified suspension to alleviate issues with driving through certain crop fields, a support roller was added to each bogie.


Type 100 Armoured Carrier, So-To
Armoured personnel and munitions carrier.
Type 100 Armoured Carrier, So-To (Type 94 37mm Anti-Tank Gun) (?)
Makeshift conversion fitting a Type 94 37mm Anti-Tank Gun above the troop carrying compartment.
Special Type 2 Launch, Ka-Mi
Amphibious tank model.
Experimental Type 3 Light Tank, Ke-Ri
Prototype up-gunned model with a 57mm Type 90 cannon.
Type 3 Light Tank, Ke-Ru
Up-gunned model with the turret from the Type 97 Medium Tank, Chi-Ha. Erroneously known as Ke-Nu.
Experimental Type 4 12cm Self-Propelled Gun, Ho-To (?)
Prototype self-propelled gun model fitting a 120mm short field gun in an open superstructure.
Experimental Type 5 4,7cm Self-Propelled Gun, Ho-Ru (?)
Prototype (or planned) self-propelled gun model fitting a newer 47mm anti-tank gun in a superstructure.


Thai Type 83
Ha-Gō operated by Thailand.
Ha-Gō Bulldozer
Post-war modification replacing the fighting compartment with a cabin and fitting a bulldozer blade.
Ha-Gō Police Vehicle
Post-war modification replacing a section of the fighting compartment with a raised superstructure.
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