Rifle of the 30th year of the Meiji era, which is the Japanese year 2565 (1905).

On the top of the rifle reads:

Type 30 Arisaka Writing

"type, year, 10, 3" and a Chrysanthemum, with cancelling, which means it's no longer "the Emperor's property"


This reads "type year 10 3" or "Type Year 30", meaning model of the 30th year of the current era/dynasty - being the Meiji era at the time. The * stands for a Chrysanthemum, a typical logo found on Japanese weaponry. Some surviving models have circular markings in the center called cancelling, these depict that the weapon is no longer in service with the Japanese Empire, be it withdrawn from service or captured/stolen.

Type 30 Arisaka Stock

Ian from points out the seem in the stock.

The safety system on this rifle is known as a 'hook safety'. This hook works as a cocking mechanism as well as a safety, which blocks the sights so it's obvious that the safety is activated.

As with many Arisaka rifles, the stock features a rather impeding seem. This is not a fault in manufacturing, rather a feature. The grain in the wood on the stock is straight and at the bottom of the stock it may result in chipping. As the wood available in Japan is not as strong as they'd like, it was designed to have the lower section of the stock to have the grain angled with the shape, making the whole design less prone to damage.

This model is the first of a series of rifles known as 'Arisaka' rifles. This comes from the one of the designers, Lieutenant General Arisaka Nariakira.

Many elements from this weapon come from the Mauser 1893 and Mauser 1895 rifles. The action in particular.


Japanese Models

  • Type 30 Rifle
  • Type 30 Carbine
  • Type 30 Training Rifle
  • Type 35 Naval Rifle

Chinese Models

  • "Manchu Arisaka"
  • Type 30 Carbine (Copy)


  • Austria-Hungary
  • Estonia
  • Empire of Japan
  • Finland
  • Russian Empire
  • United Kingdom
  • China



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