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The Tupolev TB-3 was a four-engined heavy bomber designed in the Soviet Union in the 1930s based on the design of the older Tupolev TB-1. This page is devoted to the variants, follow the links in the bellow section for specific details of specific variants.


Tupolev TB-3 (V-150)
Initial prototype using Curtiss Conqueror engines.
Tupolev TB-3 (BMW IV)
Pre-production prototype.
Tupolev TB-3 (M-17) Model 1932
First production version.
Tupolev TB-3 (M-17) Model 1933
Second production version.
Tupolev TB-3 (M-17F)
Version with improved engines.
Tupolev TB-3 (M-17F) (experimental)
Single aircraft modified with removal of turrets and bomb racks and streamlined airframe.
Tupolev TB-3 (M-34)
Production version with more powerful engines.
Tupolev TB-3 (M-34R)
Improved version with upgraded engines and additional turret.
Tupolev TB-3 (M-34R) (experimental)
Single TB-3 4M-34R modified with streamlining fabric demonstrating significant improvements.
Tupolev TB-3 (AM-34RD)
A series of long-range demonstration aircraft with streamlined fuselages and wheel brakes.
Tupolev TB-3 (AM-34RN)
High-altitude version with more powerful engines and significant improvements in structure and firepower.
Tupolev TB-3 (AM-34FRN)
Version with still further improved engines and further aerodynamic improvements.
Tupolev TB-3 (AM-34FRNV)
Alternative version to TB-3 4AM-34FRN.
Tupolev TB-3D
Unbuilt proposal to use Charomsky AN-1 diesel engines.
Tupolev TB-4
Experimental bomber successor to TB-3.
Tupolev G-2
Civilian designation for decommissioned TB-3 aircraft serving with Aeroflot.
Tupolev ANT-6 (M-34R) "Aviaarktika"
Single TB-3 modified for arctic expedition.
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