The TACAM T-60 (Tun Anticar pe Afet Mobil) is a Romanian tank destroyer developed in 1942 - 1943 on the Soviet T-60 light tank chassis.

Romanian Land Vehicles of WWII - Tracked
Light Tanks Standard Light Tanks R-1R-2R-35Renault FTT-38
Medium Tanks Standard Medium Tanks R-3T-3T-4
Self-Propelled Guns Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun Flakpanzer Mareșal
Tank Destroyers MareșalTACAM R-1TACAM R-2TACAM T-38TACAM T-60Vânătorul de care R-35
Self-Propelled Gun / Assault Gun TAs
Other Fully Tracked Vehicles Transport & Towing Renault UET-1T-20
Romanian Land Vehicles of WWII - Halftracks
Transport & Towing Sd.Kfz. 250Sd.Kfz. 251
Romanian Land Vehicles of WWII - Wheeled
Armoured / Scout / Patrol Cars AB 41Sd.Kfz. 222OA vz. 27OA vz. 30
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