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The T-90 obr. 1992g., erroneously known as T-88, is a Soviet/Russian main battle tank. It was developed from the T-72 and T-80 Russian main battle tanks. The T-90 was originally called the T-72BU but was later renamed to T-90.


Object 188
Enhanced combined semi-active armour, Kontakt-5 ERA, a new cast turret, TShU-1 searchlights, V-92S2 1000 hp engine, new suspension, 2A46M-2 125-mm cannon, closed remote-controlled heavy MG NSVT -12.7 "Cliff", 9K119 "Reflex" ATGM complex, autoloader and fenders from Object 185, FCS 1A42 with stabilizer 2E42-4 "Jasmine", gunner's information and computing complex 1A43, digital ballistic computer 1V528-1, ability to mount thermal imaging sight TO1-PO2T "AGAVA-2T", sighting and observation complex of the commander PNK-4S with vertical stabilization, night vision device of the driver-mechanic TVN-5, wind sensor DVE-BS, VHF radio station R-163-50U, receiver R-163-UP.
T-90 obr. 1992g. — Object 188
V-84MS 840hp engine with a bellows to reduce the exhaust temperature, night infrared gunner's sight TO1-KO1 Buran-PA, "Ainet" remote detonation system, OEAPS "Shtora-1", sighting and observation complex of the commander PNK-4S with vertical stabilization, driver night vision device TVN-5, wind sensor DVE-BS, VHF radio station R-163-50U, receiver R-163-UP.
T-90K — Object 188K
Command variant of the T-90, HF radio station R-163-50K (R-163-50U "Crossbow-50U" VHF range and receiver R-163-UP, R-163 -50K "Crossbow-50K" KV-range)
T-90S obr. 1992g.
A simplified version of the T-90 tank for export. In appearance, the vehicle does not differ from the standard serial production T-90 Obr.1992.
T-90S Variant No.1
T-90S variant prepared for testing in India. No OEAPS "Shtora-1", "Ainet system", thermal imaging sight, L-4 Luna-4 searchlight is installed.
T-90S obr. 1999g.
Cast turret, "ESSA" thermal imaging sight returned, V-92S2 1000 hp engine, additional Kontakt-5 ERA blocks on the turret front.
T-90SK — Object 188SK
Command version of the T-90S, additional communications and navigations equipment with a communication range of 250km.
T-90S obr. 2000g. «Bhishma» — Object 188S
A new welded turret similar to Object 187, reinforced suspension, other minor improvements for operation in the desert, ESSA thermal imaging sight.
The export version of T-90A for operation in hot climates, no "Ainet" system, no OEAPS "Shtora1" (customers refused to install), Kontakt-5 ERA with containers 4S22 with additional blocks in the front of the turret, cooling system night vision equipment, advanced laser detection systems, advanced software, air conditioning.
T-90SKA — Object 188SKA
Commander's version of the T-90SA with a tactical control system T-BMS and additional communication and navigation equipment at the request of the customer.


T-90A — Object 188A1
The serial production version of Object 188A, turret size increased, Kontakt-5 ERA with 4S22 containers, sealed fuel tanks, 2A46M-5 125-mm cannon, closed remote-controlled  6P49 Cord 12.7-mm, autoloader extended for long projectiles, FCS 1A42 with T01-P04 "Buran-M" night sight and a periscopic device of the commander TKN-4S AGAT-S stabilized in two planes.
T-90AK — Object 188A1K
Command variant of the T-90A, tactical control system, TIUS, improved observation systems and communication systems.
T-90A obr. 2005g.
T-90A with an updated Buran-M night sight.
T-90A obr. 2006g.
A thermal imaging system using the Catherine-XP matrix replaced the Buran-M night sight, an improved stabilizer, rear-view camera, a combined day-night device for a driver-mechanic TVK-2 with a third-generation electro-optical converter.
T-90A obr. 2009g.
Thermal image sight with a new matrix plate.
T-90A obr. 2010g. — Object 188A2
T-90A equipped with a software and hardware complex for the interaction of the automated process control system.
T-90MS in the version for the Russian army (ROC "Breakthrough-2"), 2A82 125-mm smoothbore gun, camouflage kit "Cape", new high-explosive fragmentation shells ZOF54 and shells ZSH7 with ready-made lethal elements.
Command version of the T-90AM with additional communications equipment, satellite navigation systems, tactical control system.


T-90M obr. 2006g. «Proryv-2»
The first concept of a T-90 modernization upgrade shown at a presentation in 2005. Has 2A82 cannon with instruments for barre bending, add-on turret armour modules and upcoming ERA "Relikt" with early 4S23 containers on the front plate and front of the turret. Side of the hull uses Kontakt-5 ERA with 4S22 containers. Lattice screens are used on the sides and back of the turret as well as engine area of the hull (side and back). Received "Sosna-U" gunner's primary sight with a new remotely controlled cover instead of the bolted one and "PKP" 3rd generation commander's independent thermal sight. Additional 7.62mm machine gun on a manual mount next to commander's hatch. The turret is extended with a new additional compartment complete with blowout panels in the back for holding additional ammunition (10 shells + 10 charges). Received auxiliary power unit on the left side of the back of the hull.
T-90M obr. 2009g.
Retains T-90A hull with 4S22 Kontakt-5 ERA. Whole new turret with new composite armour - makes add-on armour modules obsolete for the design. 4S23 Relikt ERA used on the turret in new containers - both on the front and side of the turret, as well as on the side of additional ammunition storage extension. Lattice screens are used on the back of the turret extension. New CITV mount as well as remote-controlled 12.7mm machine gun NSVT. "Sosna-U" gunner's primary sight received new dual remotely controlled covers. Received new ERA coverage for the top of the turret using 4S23 containers. Received new smoke launcher array and new Shtora receivers on the front of the turret - removed old ones above the gun. The tank was shown at Nizhny Tagil at an event in 2009.
T-90MS obr. 2010g.
The possible export variant of a modernized T-90 tank. Combines turret design of T-90M obr. 2009g. and hull design of T-90M obr. 2006g. Lacking an auxiliary power unit. Uses new 2E58 2-plain stabilizer system which results in increased turret rotation speed.
T-90MS obr. 2011g.
The export variant of a modernized T-90 tank. Features several changes from T-90MS obr. 2010g. design. New side skirts of the hull are employed with 4S23 Relikt ERA in the same array as on T-90AM project. The cannon is replaced with 2A46M-5 instead of 2A82. The side turret ERA array is redesigned and a new flat cover is installed. Features "Aramid" anti shrapnel lining inside of the tank, as well as a protected carousel. A remote-controlled machine gun was switched out for 7.62mm PKM. Received auxiliary power unit back. Received new 4S23 ERA casing for the upper front plate for better effectiveness (angled). Features new angled mantlet piece for better protection.
T-90MS obr. 2015g.
New side turret ERA cover and a new mount for the remote-controlled machine gun. Received new engine - V-92S2F 1130hp diesel engine.
T-90M obr. 2016g. «Proryv-3» (Early)
New modernization of T-90 tank for the Russian Army. Side skirt 4S23 Relikt array is modified for better coverage. New cover for the side turret ERA. Lattice screens are installed all across the turret (back, sides, front). New auxiliary power unit. Received new cannon - 2A46M-6. Received new mudguards with better latch. Smoke launcher array has been modified. Remote-controlled machine gun switched for 12.7mm Kord-T.
T-90M obr. 2017g. «Proryv-3» (Late)
Turret lattice screens are replaced with a newly designed soft lattice screen - all across, replacement of old rubber pads for new rubber track pads.
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