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The T-80 obr. 1976g. (Object 219 sp.2) is a Soviet main battle tank developed in the 1970s. The T-80 was further developed into the T-84 and the Object 640.


Object 219 sp.1
Prototype developed from Object 432 with gas turbine engine.
T-80 obr. 1976g. — Object 219 sp.2
Original production model from 1976.
T-80A obr. 1982g. — Object 219A
The second modernization of the T-80.
T-80A obr. 1984g. — Object 219A
T-80A model of 1984.
T-80AK obr. 1982g.
Command model.
T-80AKV obr. 1984g.
Command model with Kontakt-1 ERA.
T-80AT — Object 219AT
T-80B obr. 1978g. — Object 219R
The first modernization of the T-80.
T-80B obr. 1980g. — Object 219R
T-80B model of 1980.
T-80BA — Object 219RB
219R with 9K119, KDZ, and 219AS turret
T-80BK obr. 1983g. — Object 630
Command version of the T-80B fitted with an additional R-130 radio.
T-80BM — Object 219M
T-80B with 9K119M.
T-80BV obr. 1985g. — Object 219RV
T-80B model with ERA.
Command version of the T-80BV fitted with additional radios.
T-80BVM obr. 2017g. — Object 219RVM
Modernization of the T-80BV from 2017 with Relikt ERA.
T-80 with Arena APS.
T-80U obr. 1986g. — Object 219AS
Third modernization model of the T-80.
T-80U obr. 1992g. — Object 219AS
T-80U with improved engine.
T-80UA — Object 219AM-1
T-80UYe obr. 1999g.
Export model of the T-80U with some parts from the T-80UK.
T-80UYe-1 — Object 219AS-1
T-80UD obr. 1985g. — Object 478B
Ukrainian model with Kontakt-1 ERA.
T-80UD obr. 1987g.
Ukrainian model with Kontakt-5 ERA.
T-80UDK — Object 484
Prototype command version of the T-80UD.
T-80UK — Object 630A
Command model of the T-80U.
T-80UM obr. 1995g. — Object 219AS-M
T-80U modernized and with the capability to fire 9M119M atgms.
T-80UM1 obr. 1997g. — Object 219AS-M1
T-80UM with Arena APS.
T-80UM with Drozd-2 APS.
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