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Swiss Arms is a Swiss firearm division of SIG founded in 2000. Swiss Arms produces most of the firearms that SIG previously produced under its own name. Many of Swiss Arms' weapons are imported into the USA by SIG Sauer.


SIG / Swiss Arms Products
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See also: SIG Sauer
Grenade Launchers GL 5040GL 5140
Machine Guns KE7MG50
Military Rifles SG 510SG 540SG 542SG 543SG 550SG 551SG 552SG 553SG 556
Pistols ChylewskiP210
Sniper Rifles SG 511SG 550 SRSG 556 DMR
Submachine Guns Bergmann 1920MKMSMP-48MP-310
Flag of Switzerland Switzerland
Modern Period (1991 — Present)
Artillery & Small Arms Ammunition RUAG
Artillery [[]]
Firearms AMSDAstraB&TSIGSIG SauerSwiss Arms
Optics [[]]
Industry Chemical, Fuel, Power Generation [[]]
Metals / Mining [[]]
Uniform Clothing [[]]
Vehicles Aviation [[]]
Ground Vehicles [[]]
Naval Vessels [[]]
Vehicle Parts Aircraft Engines [[]]
Gunsights [[]]
Steering Units [[]]
Submarine Engines [[]]
Transmissions [[]]
Vehicle Engines [[]]