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The SU-100 was developed from the SU-85, which was developed on the T-34 chassis. It replaced it's turret with a casemate installation allowing larger guns to be fitted. On the SU-100, a 100mm D-10S cannon was used.


  • SU-100
  • ESU-100 (Electric Transmission)
  • SU-100-M-1
  • SU-100-M-2 | Uralmash-1
  • SU-100M (Egyptian Post-war)

German Captured SU-100


  • Soviet Union: 2335+
  • Germany: At least 3 captured SU-100
  • Egypt
  • Angola
  • Cuba
  • China: 99 SU-100 under use by the PLA after from 1st December 1950, it is unknown whether these units are still operational.
  • Yugoslavia: Unknown SU-100 amount under new designation "M-44"
  • Vietnam: Vietnam People's Army have an unknown amount of SU-100
  • North Korea: Korean People's Army Ground Force have an unknown amount of SU-100
  • Yemen: At least one SU-100 in use in the Yemeni Civil War (2015).

    SU-100 under Yemeni Control

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