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The Rifle, 7.62mm, M14 is an American battle rifle developed in the late 1950s.


Rifle, 7.62mm, M14
Standard model.
Rifle, 7.62mm, M14E1
Model with folding stock.
Rifle, 7.62mm, M14E2
Model with select-fire.
Rifle, 7.62mm, M14A1
Standardized M14E2.
Rifle, 7.62mm, M14, National Match
Accurized M14.
Rifle, 7.62mm, M14(M)
Rifle, 7.62mm, M14, DMR
Accurized M14 for the USMC.


Rifle, 7.62mm, Sniper, M21
Sniper model.
Rifle, 7.62mm, M39 «Enhanced Marksman Rifle»
Rifle, 7.62mm, MK 14 MOD 0 «Enhanced Battle Rifle»
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