Rheinmetall Air Defence AG


Subsidiary of Rheinmetall AG


Naval Systems

Search and Acquisition Radars

  • Oerlikon X-TAR3D/M

Radar and Electro Optical Tracking Modules

  • Oerlikon TMX/EO NT
  • Oerlikon TMX/EO Mk.2

Naval Gun Systems

  • Oerlikon Millennium 35mm Naval Revolver Gun System

Command & Control

  • Oerlikon Seaguard Command and Control Console
  • Oerlikon Weapon Control Module

Ground-Based Air Defence

Ground Based Air Defence Unit

  • Skyshield

Mobile AIr Defence

  • Oerlikon Skyranger


  • Oerlikon 35mm Twin Cannon

Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Weapon

  • Air Defense Anti-Tank System (ADATS)


  • LLM01 (Laser Light Module 01)

Surface-to-Air Missiles

  • RSA
  • RSC 58
  • RSD 58
  • RSE Kriens

Air-to-Surface & Surface-to-Surface Rockets

  • SURA-D

Anti-Tank Missiles

  • Oerlikon-Contraves Mosquito
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