The PV-1 (GAU Index: 56-P-422) is a Soviet aircraft machine gun developed in the 1920s. The first prototypes were produced and accepted into service 1928.

The weapon was created at the initiative of the Soviet Pilot Alexander Vasilevich Nadashkevich, after he was appointed to the Scientific and Technical Committee of the Soviet Air Force in 1923. His main objective was to obtain a gun with increased rate of fire and reduced weight relative to the PM M1910 Maxim. In this endeavor, Nadashkevich collaborated with several engineers from the Tula Arms Plant, including Tretyakov and Pastuhov, who were the spiritual fathers of the PM M1910 Maxim, and also with Yartsev and Vladimirov, who later became notable designers of aircraft guns themselves.

A prototype passed field tests on the 19th of May, 1926. By October of 1929, the Soviet Air Force had received 2480 PV-1 HMGs.


On aircraft;

PV-1 HMGs were equipped from 1926 till early WW2, the PV-1 was undergunned for fighting German aircraft.

On the ground;

Any number of PV-1 HMGs mounted on a flatbed, or other anti-aircraft mounts. Common examples are;

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