The Mosin obr. 1891g. is a Russian bolt-action rifle. developed in the late 19th century by Sergei Mosin.


Extreme list of variants (off-site)

Mosin 1891
Original model from 1891.
Mosin 1907
Carbine model from 1907.
Mosin 1891/10 — 56-V-221
Interwar model, known as Dragoon.
Mosin 1891/30 — 56-V-222
Updated interwar model. Most dragoon models were updated to this standard.
Mosin 1891/30A — 56-V-222A
Model for fitting PU (51-OM-611M) optic.
Mosin 1891/30G — 56-V-222G
Updated model.
Mosin 1891/30K — 56-V-222K
Model with Kresherny Device.
Mosin 1891/30N — 56-V-222N
Mosin with SPN-1 (51-IK-611) night sight.
Mosin 1891/30P — 56-V-222P
Mosin with extended chamber.
Mosin 1891/30S — 56-V-222S
Model for fitting PE (51-O-701) optic.
Mosin 1938 — 56-V-224K
Carbine model from 1938.
Mosin 1944 — 56-V-224
Carbine model from 1944.


Izhmekh civilian model.
Izhmekh civilian model.
TsKIB SOO civilian model.
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