Manufacture d'armes de Saint-Étienne (abbreviated as MAS) was a French arms manufacturer.
MAS Products
Firearms MAS
Assault Rifle FA-MASMAS 49MAS 54MAS 55MAS 62
Battle Rifles MAS 49
Bolt-Action Rifles Fusil modèle 1866MAS 36
Pistols PAMAS G1
Submachine Guns MAS 38MAS 48
Design and Manufacturing firms of France
Post-World War II
Artillery & Small Arms Ammunition Cartoucherie de Valence
Artillery Nexter
Firearms CEAMGIATManurhinMASMATNexter
Optics [[]]
Industry Chemical, Fuel, Power Generation [[]]
Metals / Polymers [[]]
Uniform Armour [[]]
Vehicles Aviation AMX International
Ground Vehicles AMXGIATNexterPanhard
Naval Vessels [[]]
Vehicle Parts Aircraft Engines [[]]
Gunsights [[]]
Steering Units [[]]
Submarine Engines [[]]
Transmissions [[]]
Vehicle Engines [[]]
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