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The M2 Machine Gun is an American heavy machine gun.


Machine Gun, Caliber .50, M2, HB, Flexible
Standard model.
Machine Gun, Caliber .50, M2, HB, Fixed
'Fixed' model for use in fixed hull positions in tanks, only used in Heavy Tank, M6.
Machine Gun, Caliber .50, M2, HB, TT
'Turret-Type' model for use in coaxial positions in tank turrets.
Machine Gun, Caliber .50, M2E1
Machine Gun, Caliber .50, M2E2
Machine Gun, Caliber .50, M2A1
2010 modernized model.
Machine Gun, Caliber .50, M3
Increased fire rate model.
Machine Gun, Caliber .50, AN/M2
Army-Navy model M2.
Machine Gun, Caliber .50, AN/M3
Army-Navy model M3.


Machine Gun, Caliber .50, M3M
Modern manual firing model from FN Herstal.
Machine Gun, Caliber .50, M3P
Modern remote firing model from FN Herstal.
Machine Gun, Caliber .50, XM213
Modernized AN/M2 for use with the helicopter M59 armament subsystem.
Machine Gun, Caliber .50, XM218
Lightweight M2.
Machine Gun, Caliber .50, XM296
Further development for use in the Bell OH-58 helicopter.
Lightweight M2.
Lightweight M2.
Lightweight M2.
M3M for use on helicopters.


Colt MG 53-2
AN/M2 export model from Colt.


12,7 mitraljøse
Norwegian M2.
12,7 RSKK 2005
Finnish M2 for use in remote weapon stations.
13,2mm FN-Browning M. 39
Belgian export variant chambered for 13,2x99mm Hotchkiss.
Akan m/39
13,2mm FN-Browning M. 39 in Swedish service.
Akan m/39A
13,2mm FN-Browning M. 39 built by Ericsson in Sweden and used in Swedish service.
Akan m/45
AN/M2 in Swedish service.
Yeohwa K6
Korean M2.
Ksp m/88
Swedish M2.
L2A1 Machine Gun
English service M2.
L6 Ranging MG
Ranging M2.
L6A1 Ranging MG
Ranging M2.
L11 Ranging MG
Ranging M2.
L11A1 Ranging MG
Ranging M2.
L21A1 Ranging MG
Ranging M2.
mG 64
Swiss M2.
VKT 12,70 LKk/42
Finnish 13,2mm FN-Browning M. 39 re-chambered for 12.7x99mm.
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