The MAS Modèle 36 is a French bolt-action rifle.



Standard variant.

MAS-36 CR39

Modified with a folding hollow aluminium stock, designed for use by airborne forces.

MAS-36 LG48

MAS-36 with 48mm grenade launcher. Used in the First Indochina War.


MAS-36 with 22mm rifle grenade launcher.

Fusil Modèle FR-G2

Highly modified MAS-36 with match barrel, harmonic compensator and telescopic sights.

Civilian models

After the war, civilian hunting rifle variants were produced by MAS and by the gunsmith Jean Fournier. The rifles were chambered in 7x54mm Fournier (common), 7x57mm Mauser (very rare), 8x60mm S (uncommon), and 10.75x68mm (rare).

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