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Flag of Australia (1908 to Present) Australia
Lithgow Model 1
Flag of Italy (1946 to present) Italy
Benelli M1 — Shotgun
Flag of the United States of America (1960 to present) United States of America
.30 Carbine, M1
.30 Rifle, M1
.45 Submachine Gun, M1
37mm Gun, M1
40mm Gun, M1
57mm Gun, M1
75mm Howitzer, M1
75mm Mortar, M1
76mm Gun, M1
81mm Mortar, M1
90mm Gun, M1
105mm Gun Tank, M1
155mm Howitzer, M1
240mm Howitzer, M1
4.5 inch Gun, M1
8 inch Gun, M1
Activator, AT, M1
Activator, Practice, M1
Adapter, Grenade Projection, M1 / A1 / A2
Additive Jacket, M1
Bomb, 30 lb Chemical, M1
Bomb, 1100 lb GP, Mk 3 M1
Bomb, Incendiary, Instructional, M1
Cartridge, 37mm Canister, M1
Catapult, Aircraft Personnel, M1A1
Charge, Spotting, M1A1
Cluster, Adapter, M1
Cluster, 100 lb Frag, AN/M1A3
Detonator, 15 Second Delay, M1
Firing Device, Combination, M1
Firing Device, Delay, M1
Firing Device, Pressure, M1 / A1
Firing Device, Pull, M1
Firing Device, Release, M1
Fuse Lighter, Friction, M1
Guncrafter Industries Model 1 — Pistol also known as M1.
Gunner's Quadrant, M1
Igniter, M1
Incendiary, Safe Destroying, TH1, M1A1 / A2
Landmine, AT, M1 / A1
Landmine, Chemical, M1
Landmine, Practice, M1 / B1
Launcher, Rocket, Antitank, 2.36 inch, M1 / A1
Light Mortar Cart, M1
Light Tank, T1E1 — Known as Light Tank, M1 for a short time.
Military Dynamite, M1
M-1 Medium Tank — Concept medium tank from the 1950s.
M1 .30 Carbine Ball Cartridge
M1 Bayonet
M1 Flamethrower
M1 Grenade Launcher
Nose, Impact, M1
Pot, Smoke, M1
Projectile, 105mm HE, M1
Propellant, M1
Propelling Charge, 8 inch, M1
Propelling Charge, 155mm, M1 / A1
Remover, Aircraft Canpoy, M1A1
Set, Gas Identification, Instructional, M1
Springfield Armory M1A — Civilian model M14.
Squib, Electric, M1
Starter, Fire, M1
Telephone Communications Cart, M1
Torpedo, Bangalore, M1
Toxic Gas Set, M1
Machine Gun, Trainer, M1