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The M1911 Pistol is an American semi-automatic pistol developed in the early 1910s by John Browning.

The firearm was adopted by the US military, and has seen countless reproductions and modernizations over a century later.


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M1911 Pistol
1911 model.
M1911A1 Pistol
1924 model.
1911 Pattern Pistols
USA Originals M1911 (A1A2)
Derivatives M45 (A1)R1SW1911
Foreign Models Brazilian Taurus PT 1911
German HK 1911
Mexican Systema Obregón
Spanish Star AStar BStar P
Swiss SIG Sauer 1911
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Rifle Grenade Launchers M1M7M17
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Recoilless Rifles M18M20
Rocket Launchers M1M1A1M9M9A1M18M20
Flamethrowers E-1E1R1M1M1A1M2M2A1
Anti-Personnel Mines [[]]
Anti-Tank Mines M1M1A1M4M7M7A1M7A2
Infantry Mortars 60mm M281mm M1
Other Man-Portable Explosives M1A1 Bangalore Torpedo
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Camouflage Camouflage [[]]
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Anti-Tank Guns 37mm T337mm M337mm M3A137mm T737mm T857mm M175mm M18973-Inch M590mm M290mm T8105mm T8
Coastal Artillery 3-Inch M19023-Inch M190390mm M16-Inch M18976-Inch M19006-Inch M19036-Inch M19056-Inch M19086-Inch M16-Inch T212-Inch M189012-Inch M189512-Inch M188812-Inch M190014-Inch M190714-Inch M190914-Inch M191016-Inch M189516-Inch M191916-Inch M192016-Inch Mark 216-Inch Mark 3
Field Guns 75mm M18974.5-Inch M14.5-Inch T36-Inch M18976-Inch M19006-Inch M19036-Inch M19056-Inch M19086-Inch M16-Inch T2155mm M1155mm M1A1155mm M1A1E1155mm M1A1E3155mm M2155mm T48-Inch M1
Howitzers 105mm M1105mm M2105mm T2105mm M2A1105mm M3155mm M1918155mm M18-Inch M18-Inch M2240mm M1
Infantry & Mountain Guns 75mm M175mm M1A1
Mortars 4.2-Inch M212-Inch M189036-Inch Project 4712
Railroad Artillery 8-Inch VI8-Inch M188810-Inch M189510-Inch M188810-Inch M190014-Inch M1920
Recoilless Guns [[]]
Rocket Artillery [[]]
Siege Artillery [[]]
Land Vehicle Weapons
Vehicle Machine Guns M1919A4M1919A4E1M1919A5M2M2HB
Standard Tank Guns 37mm Gun, M537mm Gun, M6M1924 (A1)37mm T2175mm M275mm M375mm M676mm M1 (A1A1CA2)76mm T13-Inch M590mm M3 (A1)105mm Howitzer M4105mm T8
Other Cannons Mounted on Tanks 75mm Howitzer M1 (A1)75mm AT Gun M18973-Inch M63-Inch M7105mm Howitzer M2155mm Howitzer M1918155mm Howitzer M2
Rocket Artillery M17T34 (E1E2)T40
Vehicle Flamethrowers E7-7E9E14-7R2Navy Mk.IRonson
Spotlights Canal Defence Light
Aircraft Weapons & Munitions
Aircraft Machine Guns AN/M2M3
Aircraft Cannons below & including 30mm [[]]
Aircraft Cannons above 30mm 37mm M437mm T937mm M1075mm M575mm T13E1
Aircraft Rockets & Missiles T64 H.V.A.R.
Aircraft Bombs, High Explosive [[]]
Aircraft Bombs, Anti-Personnel [[]]
Naval Weapons & Munitions
Naval Machine Guns M2
Naval Cannons below & including 30mm [[]]
Naval Cannons above 30mm 37mm M9