The Lockheed AH-56 Cheyenne is an American attack helicopter.

Aircraft of America
1946 to Present
Jet Aircraft
Fighters Interceptors CL-288CL-1200 (12)CL-1600F-4 (ABCDEJNSX)F-104 (AJ)X-27
Interdictors F-111
Multi-Role F-104 (CGH)
Attackers Ground Attack A-37
Utility Maritime Surveillance U-2 (EPX)
Meteorological WU-2
Missile Warning U-2 (B)
Reconnaissance X-16U-2 (ACDEFGHR)
Trainer U-2 (CTRTS)
Propeller Aircraft
Attackers ASW SC-130
Gunship AC-47AC-119 (GK)AC-130 (AEHJUW)
Utility Aerial Refueling KC-130 (FJRT)
Airlift C-130
Meteorological WC-130 (ABEHJ)
Combat Attackers AH-56S-67
Unpowered Aircraft
Utility ? [[]]
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