List of German VK Designations


German VK (Vollketten) Vehicles
1 to 9
VK 3.01VK 3.02VK 5.01VK 6.01VK 6.02VK 9.01VK 9.02VK 9.03VK 9.04VK 9.05
10 to 20
VK 13.01VK 13.02VK 13.03VK 16.01VK 16.02VK 18.01VK 18.02
21 to 30
VK 23.01(K)VK 24.01(MAN)VK 28.01(K)VK30.01(DB)VK30.01(H)VK30.01(K)VK30.01(MAN)VK30.01(P)VK30.02(DB)VK 30.02(MAN) (V1V2)
31 to 45
VK 31(K)VK 31(RB)VK 36.01(H)VK 45.01(H)VK 45.01(P)VK 45.01(Rh)VK 45.02(H)VK 45.02(P1)VK 45.02(P2)VK 45.03(H)
46 to 70
VK 65.01(H)VK 70.01(K)VK 70.02(P)
71 plus
VK 72.01(K)VK 100.01(K)VK 100.01(P)VK 130.01(K)

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