The L131A1 is a British semi-automatic pistol. It is based on the Glock 17.

UK Weapons of the United Kingdom UK Warflag
After the Second World War
Infantry Weapons
Melee Weapons Bayonet [[]]
Survival Weapon [[]]
Sidearms Pistol L105A1L106A1L117A1L131A1L137A1
Revolver [[]]
Machine Pistol [[]]
Close Quarters Personal Defense Weapon [[]]
Submachine Gun L2A1 (A2A3A4)L34A1L80A1L90A1L91A1L92A1
Shotgun (automatic) [[]]
Shotgun (semi-automatic) L128A1
Shotgun (manual-action) L74A1
Primary Weapons Assault Rifle (5.45/5.56) L85A1 (A2)SA80
Assault Rifle (7.62) L1A1
Assault Rifle (other) [[]]
Carbine (5.45/5.56) L22A1 (A2)
Carbine (7.62) [[]]
Carbine (other) [[]]
Automatic Support Weapons Light Support Weapon L86A1 (A2)
Light Machine Gun FN MinimiL108A1L110A1 (A2A3)Ultimax 100
General Purpose Machine Gun L7A1 (A2)
Heavy Machine Gun L111A1
Long Range Anti-Materiel Rifle L121A1L135A1
Bolt-Action Rifle L118A1L115A3
Designated Marksman Rifle HK417L2A1L129A1
Launchers Grenade Launcher (Attachment) L17A1L123A1 (A2)
Grenade Launcher (Standalone) [[]]
Disposable Rocket Launcher L2A1L72A9
Rocket Launcher [[]]
Non-Lethal Weapons Pistol [[]]
Underwater Weapons Sidearm [[]]
Rifle [[]]
Explosives Anti-Personnel Mines M18 Claymore
Anti-Tank Mines L9A8
Offensive Grenades L109A1
Smoke Grenades L84A1L132A1
Infantry Equipment
Clothing Backpacks [[]]
Body Armour [[]]
Bomb Suit [[]]
Elbow and knee pads [[]]
Signals & IFF [[]]
Suits [[]]
Vests & Webbing [[]]
Headwear Communication [[]]
Gas Masks & Rebreathers [[]]
Goggles [[]]
Helmets [[]]
Vehicle Headwear [[]]
Optics, Detection and Surveillance Man-Portable Radar [[]]
Mine Detectors [[]]
Night Vision Goggles [[]]
Periscopes [[]]
Rangefinders [[]]
Surveillance [[]]
Anti-Aircraft Guns [[]]
Anti-Tank Guns [[]]
Anti-Tank Guided Missile Launchers [[]]
Anti-Tank Guided Missiles [[]]
Grenade Machine Guns L134A1
Howitzers [[]]
Mortars 81mm L16A2
Railroad Artillery [[]]
Recoilless Guns [[]]
Rocket Artillery [[]]
Siege Artillery [[]]
Land Vehicle Weapons
Vehicle Machine Guns BESABren GunBrowning M1919FN MAGL4A4L7A1L8A2L37A1 (A2)L43A1L94A1Ultimax 100
40mm Tank Guns QF 2pdr HV
75mm Tank Guns QF 75mmVickers HV 75mm
76.2mm Tank Guns L5A1L23A1QF 17pdrVickers HV 77mm
84mm Tank Guns QF 20pdr
94mm Tank Guns QF 32pdr
105mm Tank Guns L7A1 (A3)
120mm Tank Guns EXP-28M1L1A1 (A2)L11A1 (A5)L30A1XL30
Howitzers 88mm 25pdr105mm L13A1155mm L31A1
Vehicle Autocannon 30mm L21A140mm CTA40
ATGMs BAe Swingfire
Aircraft Weapons & Munitions
7.62mm Machine Guns [[]]
12.7mm Machine Guns [[]]
23mm Cannons [[]]
30mm Cannons [[]]
37mm Cannons [[]]
Rocket Pods [[]]
Rockets [[]]
Air-to-Air Missiles [[]]
Air-to-Ship Missiles [[]]
Air-to-Surface Missiles [[]]
Anti-Radiation Missiles [[]]
Cruise Missiles [[]]
Bombs [[]]
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