The Kamov Ka-60 Kasatka (Russian: Касатка | English: Swallow) is a Russian helicopter.


Kamov Ka-60

Standard multi-role model.

Kamov Ka-60U

Training variant.

Kamov Ka-60K

Naval variant.

Kamov Ka-60R

Reconnaissance variant.

Kamov Ka-62

Civilian model with multiple different features.

Kamov Ka-64

Export model.


Russia.svg Russia

Russian Air Force, 100 on order.

23px Brazil

Atlas Taxi Aereo, 7 on order.

Colombia.svg Colombia

Vertical de Aviación, 5 on order.

Flag of the Russian Federation Russian Air Force Roundel of the VVS
Jet Propulsion
Fighters Light Fighter Yak-130
Air Superiority Fighter MiG-29Su-27 (M)Su-35 (BMS)Su-37Su-57
Interceptor MiG-31
Multirole Fighter MiG-29MiG-35Su-27Su-30 (KKIKNMK)
Ground Attack Attackers L-39Su-24Su-25Su-34
Bombers Strategic Bombers Tu-22MTupolev Tu-160
Utility Airlifter Il-76Il-150
Cargo Il-96
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Patrol Tu-134
Reconnaissance Tu-214
Refuelling Il-78
Trainers L-39Su-35UBTu-134Yak-130
Transport An-72An-124An-148An-158Tu-134Tupolev Tu-154
Propeller Propulsion
Fighters Fighters [[]]
Heavy Fighters [[]]
Interceptors [[]]
Night Fighters [[]]
Ground Attack Dive Bombers [[]]
Ground Attackers [[]]
Bombers Light Bombers [[]]
Medium Bombers [[]]
Heavy Bombers [[]]
Strategic Bombers Tu-95
Maritime Bombers [[]]
Torpedo Bombers [[]]
Utility Airlifter An-22An-140T
Command & Control Il-22
Maritime Reconnaissance Il-38
Patrol An-26An-30Il-20
Reconnaissance An-30
Trainers DA42
Transport An-12An-26An-30An-140Il-10Il-18Il-22Il-62L-410
Utility [[]]
Unknown Role [[]]
Combat Assault Transport Ka-29
Anti-Submarine Warfare Ka-20Ka-25Ka-27 (KM)Ka-28Ka-40
Attacker Ka-50 (NSh)Ka-52 (K)Mi-8TVKMi-28 (ADN/MMWNM)
Utility Early Warning & Control Kamov Ka-31Ka-35Ka-252
Cargo Mi-26
Command & Control Mil Mi-8 (IVVPK)
Electronic Warfare Mil Mi-8 (PPSMV)
Reconnaissance Ka-10 (M)Ka-50Ka-52Ka-60R
Training Ka-60UMi-28UB
Transport Ka-22Ka-32Ka-60 (K)Ka-92Mi-8 (TTV)Mi-40
Utility AnsatAS350AS355Ka-8Ka-15 (M)Ka-18Ka-20Ka-26Ka-60 (K)Ka-62Ka-64Ka-90Ka-118Ka-126Ka-128Ka-155Ka-226
Combat Attacker Skat
Utility Communication Kamov Ka-137
Electronic Warfare Orlan-10
Observation Ka-137Pchela-1T
Reconnaissance 421-06421-08421-12Ka-37Kamov Ka-137Orlan-10
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