The KV is a prototype heavy tank developed in the late 1930s. The vehicle was further developed and entered service and mass production as the KV-1.


Prototype model.
KV-1 obr. 1939g.
First production model. 141 built.
KV-1 obr. 1940g.
Upgraded with a new mantlet and 76.2mm F-32 cannon.
KV-1E obr. 1940g.
KV-1 obr. 1940g. with additional armour plating.
KV-1 obr. 1941g.
Overall upgrade including a new gun and more armour.
KV-1 obr. 1942g.
Thicker turret armour, both cast and welded turrets were made. Up armoured again as well as a new engine.
KV-1S Model 1942
A variant with higher speed but thinner armour. A new smaller cast turret with redesigned rear hull. New transmission. 1370 built.
Up-gunned assault model with a 152mm howitzer.
KV-2 re-armed with a 85mm F-39 gun.
KV-2 re-armed with a 107mm ZiS-6 gun.
Object 218
Mine-trawling vehicle based on KV chassis.
KV-220 / T-220 / KV-4 — Object 220
Modernization of the KV-1 with new turret and 85mm gun.
KV-221 / T-221 — Object 221
Modernization of the KV-1 with new turret and 85mm gun.
KV-222 — Object 222
Modernization of the KV-1 with new turret and 76mm gun.
KV-3 — Object 223
Modernization of the KV-1 with new turret and 107mm gun.
KV-4 — Object 224
Project tank.
KV-5 — Object 225
Project tank.
Object 226
Reinforced KV-1 project, possibly known as KV-6.
KV-7 — Object 227
Heavy assault model.
KV-8 — Object 228
A KV-1 with the ATO-41 flamethrower coaxial to the main gun. The main gun was replaced with a 45mm 20-K and the coaxial MG was still functional.
KV-8S — Object 235
A KV-8 made on the KV-1S chassis, an upgraded flamethrower as well.
Upgraded KV-8S with two flamethrowers. Two prototypes were constructed.
KV-9 — Object 229

A KV-1 with the 122mm U-11 cannon, one prototype was constructed and tested in 1941.

KV-10 / KV-1K — Object 230
KV-1 with fixed rocket launchers.
KV-11 — Object 231
A KV-1 with the 85mm F-30 cannon. Projected in 1942, not built.
KV-12 — Object 232
Experimental chemical tank, 4 external toxin tanks. Not taken into service.
KV-13 / IS-1 — Object 233
Prototype medium tank.
KV-13 — Object 234
Prototype medium tank.
KV-14 — Object 236

Prototype for the 152mm self-propelled gun carrier. Accepted into service as the SU-152.

KV-85 — Object 239
Modernized KV armed with an 85mm gun in a new large turret. Competed with KV-85G.
KV-85G — Object 238
KV-1S with the 85mm S-31 cannon. This vehicle was identical to the KV-1S except the gun. This variant was a competitor to the KV-85 during proving, it lost.
A KV-85 with the 100mm S-34 cannon. One prototype was made in 1944.
A KV-1S with the 122mm S-41 howitzer. One prototype was made in 1943.
A KV-85 with the 122mm D-25T cannon. One prototype was made in 1944.
Proposal to somehow jam a 152mm gun in the turret of the KV-85.
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