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The KS-23 is a Soviet shotgun developed in the early 1970s.

The KS-23 loads a unique shell, the 23x75mmR, which is the result of using flawed barrels from ZSU-23-4 self-propelled anti-aircraft guns. The KS-23 and KS-23M are in use by Russian police and security forces.

The prototype of the KS-23 was chambered in 16/35mm.


Original model from 1971, accepted into service with Soviet police forces in 1985.
KS-23M «Drozd»
Modernized model from 1990. Accepted into service with the MVD and police units and designated S-3.
Bullpup model with box magazine modified from the KS-23 and KS-23M. Accepted into service with the MVD in 1998.
TOZ-123 «Syelyezyen'-4»
Civilian model made by TOZ starting in 1996. Chambered for 4 Gauge.


The KS-23 could be fitted with the OTs-06, OTs-06-02, or OTs-06-03 muzzle device which would allow the weapon to launch grappling hooks. The -02 model has loose claws, and the -03 model has folding claws.

The KRAG.777549.001 «Nasadka-6» and «Nasadka-12» muzzle devices can be fit to the KS-23. These allow the launching of gas grenades.

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