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Firearms HK.svg
Military Rifles 3233 (A2A3)36505153241416 (A5A7C)417 (A2)G3 (A1A2A3A4)G11 (K1K2)G36 (A1A2CC3EKKEKVV)G41 (A1A2A3K)GR2GR6MSG90 (A1SDN)PSG1 (A1)XM8XM29
Civilian Rifles 94243293770940MR308MR556 (A1)MR762 (A1)SL6SL7 (Match)SL8USC
Submachine Guns 54MP5 (A1A2A3A4A5)MP7 (A1A2)UMP (94045)
Machine Guns 11 (A1E)13 (E)21 (A1E)23 (E)2593121123GR9MG 4 (EKKE)MG 5 (A1A2S)MG36
Shotguns 512CAWSFP6M27 IAR
Pistols 445 (CCTT)1911Mk 23P2 (A1)P7P9P1130 (L)P46P2000 (SK)UCPUSPVP9VP40VP70
Grenade Launchers 69 (A1)79AG36GMGM320XM25XM29
Cartridges 4.6x30mm HK4.6x36mm HK
Design and Manufacturing firms of Germany
Modern Period (1945 - Present)
Artillery & Small Arms Artillery Rheinmetall (Air Defence)
Firearms BlaserGOLmaticGSGH&KMauserRheinmetallSauer
Optics Zeiss
Industry Chemical, Fuel, Power Generation [[]]
Metals / Mining [[]]
Uniform Clothing [[]]
Vehicles Aviation [[]]
Ground Vehicles FFGMaKMANRheinmetallRMMVThyssen-Henschel
Naval Vessels [[]]
Vehicle Parts Aircraft Engines [[]]
Automotive Parts Petri
Vehicle Engines [[]]
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