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The HK 416 A8 is a German assault rifle developed in the early 2020s from the earlier HK 416 A7.

The weapon is currently in the procurement phase, having successfully won trials for the Bundeswehr against competing firearms such as the HK 433, and the Haenel MK556. The MK556 was previously chosen as winner but has been withdrawn due to legal action regarding infringing on HK patents for the development of the weapon.


HK 416
Original model from the early 2000s.
HK 416 C
Compact model.
HK 416 A5 — G 38
Updated model from 2008 with all-HK parts.
HK 416 A7 — G 95 / G 95 K
Variant developed for the KSK and KSM.
HK 416 A8
2021 variant developed for the Bundeswehr rifle competition. Slated to replace the HK G 36 in service.


HK MR 223
European civilian model.
HK MR 223 F-S
HK MR 223 F-C
HK MR 556
HK MR 556 A1


HK 416 F
French model.
HK 416 F-S
French training model.
HK 416 N
Norwegian model.
HK 416 K
Norwegian 'kort' (short) model.
HK 416 S
Norwegian 'skarpskytter' (sniper) model.


HK 337
HK 416 A5 chambered in .300 AAC Blackout.
HK 417
7.62x51mm version.
M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle
Squad automatic weapon version.
M38 Designated Marksman Rifle
M27 fitted with the Leopold Mark 4 2.5-8x36 MR/T TS-30A2 riflescope.

Licensed Copies / Foreign

Coharie Arms CA-415
American Coharie Arms clone.
Turkish MKEK model.
AR-15 Derivatives
American 601602603604607 (A)609610614629630633635645653654655656715723725727733750920921933945950991AR-15AR57AR-556Barrett M468Barrett REC7CA-415CM901Colt ACRColt SCWDS-25GP-NIAR6940 (HP)J16J18J19CJ21J22J23J24J48J71J450KAC SR-15KAC SR-16KAC SR-25LMT MWSLVOA-CLVOA-SLWRC M6M4 Carbine (A1)M16 Rifle (A1A2A3A4)M231 FPWOA K3BOA K23BR6450R5SaintSR-556SWORD Mk-15 (PPPURG-IDC)Type-A CQBR Resto-ModXM177 (E1E2)ZRO Delta Ready Series (RangeMissionGame17.76)ZRO Delta Venator
Austrian STM 556
Botswanian MRR15.7MMRR11.6S
British L119A1 (A2)
Canadian C7 (A1A2CT)C8A1 (A2CTIURSFW)LSW (A1)NEA-15
Chinese CQ311CS/LM11CS/LR25CS/LR36HR31 (CSID)
Czech LA-15
Danish Kb M/96LSV M/04Gv M/95Gv M/96Gv M/10
German CR223MK556HK 416 (A5A7C)HK 417HK M4
Italian AP-15AP-74
Korean Daewoo K2
New Zealand MARS-L
Philippine M16 22
Russian ADAR 2-15GM-15 (-10)ORSIS-AR15JR-715STM-7STM-9STM-15STM-40STM-300STM-308STM-366STM-922STM-GRSTM-SMTK509TK515
Taiwanese Type 64T65 Rifle (K1 RifleK2 RifleK2 CarbineK3 Carbine)T86T91
Turkish MPT-55 (K)Safir T-14
Heckler & Koch Products
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Grenade Launchers 69 (A1)79169AG 36GMGM320XM25XM29
Cartridges 4.6x30mm HK4.6x36mm HK
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Modern Period (1991 — Present)
Infantry Weapons
Melee Weapons Bayonet [[]]
Survival Weapon [[]]
Sidearms Pistol HK 45 (CompactCompact TacticalTactical)Mark 23P 8P 30 (LSDSKSK S)P 46P 80P 2000SFP (99 L9 L OR9 M9 Match OR9 OR9 SK40)UCPUSP (99 Custom Sport9 Elite9 Expert4040 Custom Sport40 Expert4545 Custom Sport45 Elite45 Expert45 Tactical)
Revolver [[]]
Machine Pistol [[]]
Close Quarters Personal Defense Weapon MP7 (A1A2)
Submachine Gun HK PDWMP 5 (A1A2A3A4A5)MP 60MP 61MP 64UMP (94045)USC
Shotgun (automatic) [[]]
Shotgun (semi-automatic) [[]]
Shotgun (manual-action) HK FP6
Primary Weapons Assault Rifle (5.45/5.56) CR223HK 50HK 237HK 337HK 416 (A5A7A8)HK 433HK 437G36 (A1A2)XM8XM29
Assault Rifle (other) [[]]
Assault Carbine (5.45/5.56) HK 416C
Assault Carbine (other) [[]]
Battle Rifles HK 417G 3 (A1A2A3N A3A4A5A6A7A7 A1)G 28
Battle Carbine [[]]
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Long Range Anti-Materiel Rifle [[]]
Bolt-Action Rifle [[]]
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Grenade Launcher (Standalone) XM25
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Rocket Launcher [[]]
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Underwater Weapons Sidearm P11
Rifle [[]]
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