This page is devoted to terms used by the Swedish military. It includes abbreviations and translations of common and rarely used terms.


Full Short English Equivalent Meaning
Attack A Attack Ground attack aircraft
Akan Automatic Gun
Bomb B Bomb Bomber aircraft
Flygplan Fpl Airplane
Glidflygplan G Glider aircraft
Granat gr Grenade Grenade (or charge)
Helikopter Hkp Helicopter Helicopter
Jakt J Fighter aircraft
Kanon kan Cannon Cannon
Kulspruta ksp Machine gun
Lastglidare Lg Transport glider
m Model
Övning Ö Advanced trainer aircraft
Prov P Prototype aircraft
pvkan Tank Cannon
Robot Rb Drone, or missile
Spaning S Reconnaissance aircraft
Segelflygplan Se Sailplane
sgr HE
Skol Sk Trainer aircraft
slpgr APCBC
slpprj APDS
slpsgr HEATFS
slsgr HE (?)
Stridsfordon Strf Infantry Fighting Vehicle Battle Vehicle
Stridsvagn Strv Main Battle Tank Battle Tank
Torped T Torpedo Torpedo bomber aircraft
Transport Tp Transport Transport aircraft
UAV Unmanned aerial vehicle
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