OSPREY Silencer on a Glock 22.

The Glock 22 is a pistol made by Glock Ges.m.b.H

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The Glock 22, is essentially a Glock 17, modified to fire .40 S&W, instead of the 9x19mm Parabellum that the Glock 17 uses.

It uses a modified slide, frame, barrel and magazine but is almost identical to the Glock 17 otherwise.

The Glock 22 has undergone 3 major revisions since production, in 1990. It is now on its 4th iteration.

The Glock 22 is commonly used by many law enforcement agencies, in the United States of America and other countries. The Federal Bureau of Investigation

It is possible to change the barrel of the Glock 22 to the .357 SIG caliber with ease.

The Glock 22 is also known by its shortened name: G22


Glock 22C

The Glock 22C is a modified version of the Glock 22, that features a ported barrel and slide with the aim to reduce muzzle climb while firing.

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Weight (Unloaded) 650g (22.92oz)
Length 186mm (7.32in)
Barrel Length 114mm (4.49in)
Width 30mm (1.18in)
Height (With Magazine) 138mm (5.43in)
Caliber .40 S&W
Action Safe Action
Feed System 10/15/17 Round Detachable Magazine

Fixed Front

Fixed Rear