2A (Artillery Systems) 2А

Index Item Caliber
2A1 ZSU-37-2 37mm
2A2 GP-58 76mm
2A3 Kondensator-2P 406mm
2A4 S-103 406mm
2A5 Shkval (4 x 500P guns?) 37mm
2A6 ZSU-23-4 23mm
2A6V ZSU-23-4V 23mm
2A6V1 ZSU-23-4V1 23mm
2A6V1-3 ZSU-23-4V1-3 23mm
2A6V3 ZSU-23-4V3 23mm
2A6M ZSU-23-4M 23mm
2A6M1 ZSU-23-4M1 23mm
2A6M2 ZSU-23-4M2 23mm
2A6M3 ZSU-23-4M3 23mm
2A6M4 ZSU-23-4M4 23mm
2A6M5 ZSU-23-4M5 23mm
2A7 AYa-23 (TKB-507Zh) 23mm
2A7M ~ 23mm
2A10 AZP-23 23mm
2A10M AZP-23M 23mm
2A11 500PA 37mm
2A12 AZP-37 37mm
2A13 ZU-23 (ZU-14) 23mm
2A13-UCh ~ 23mm
2A14 AYa-23 (TKB-507) 23mm
2A14M ~ 23mm
2A15 D-70 85mm
2A16 D-56TS 76mm
2A17 M-62T2S 122mm
2A18 D-30 122mm
2A18-UCh ~ 122mm
2A18M D-30A 122mm
2A18M1 D-30A1 122mm
2A19 T-12 100mm
2A19-1 T-12N5 100mm
2A19M T-12N6 100mm
2A19N T-12N 100mm
2A20 U-5TS 115mm
2A20M2 ~ 115mm
2A21 D-68 115mm
2A22 D-58 85mm
2A23 T-12 100mm
2A24 U-8TS (D-54TS) 100mm
2A25 Molniya 73mm
2A26 D-81 from T-64A 125mm
2A26M D-81 from T-72 125mm
2A26M1 D-81 from ..? 125mm
2A26M2 D-81 from T-72 125mm
2A27 D-83 122mm
2A28 Grom (TKB-04) 73mm
2A29 MT-12 Rapira 100mm
2A29-1 MT-12R 100mm
2A29-6 MT-12 100mm
2A29-7 MT-12 100mm
2A29K MT-12K 100mm
2A29M MT-12M 100mm
2A29N MT-12N 100mm
2A30 ..? on ZiL-157K 105mm
2A30M ..? on ZiL-131 105mm or 125mm
2A31 D-32 122mm
2A31-UCh ~ 122mm
2A32 ~ 122mm
2A33 D-22 152mm
2A33-UCh ~ 152mm
2A33M D-22M 152mm
2A34 TKB-065 on GKB-819 195mm
2A34A ..? on GKB-819 195mm
2A35 ~ 310mm
2A36 Giatsint-B 152mm
2A36M Dilemma-2A36 (MZ-188) 152mm
2A37 ~ 152mm
2A37M ~ 152mm
2A38 AO-17 30mm
2A38-UCh ~ 30mm
2A38M ~ 30mm
2A39 ? ?
2A40 ~ 30mm
2A40-1Ye ~ 30mm
2A40-1M ~ 30mm
2A40-Ye ~ 30mm
2A40M ~ 30mm
2A40M1 ~ 30mm
2A41 Zarnitsa 73mm
2A42 ~ 30mm
2A42-UCh ~ 30mm
2A42-1 ~ 30mm
2A42M ~ 30mm
2A43 D-71 Giatsint-BK 152mm
2A44 ~ 203mm
2A45 D-13 Sprut-A 125mm
2A45M SD-13 Sprut-B 125mm
2A46 D-81T 125mm
2A46-1 D-81TM 125mm
2A46-2 D-81K 125mm
2A46M ~ 125mm
2A46M-1 D-81-3 Rapira-3 125mm
2A46M-2 ~ 125mm
2A46M-3 ~ 125mm
2A46M-4 ~ 125mm
2A46M-5 ~ 125mm
2A46M-5-01 ~ 125mm
2A46M-6 ~ 125mm
2A47 D-85 on T-74 125mm
2A48 D-33 100mm
2A48-1 ~ 100mm
2A49 D-89T on Object 172MD 125mm
2A50 LP-36E 130mm
2A51 ~ 120mm
2A51M ~ 120mm
2A52 ~ 100mm
2A53 Giatsint-BK-1 152mm
2A53M Giatsint-BK-1M 152mm
2A54 D-71S 152mm
2A55 Zhalo-B 85mm
2A55-1 Dupleks 85mm / 100mm
2A58 ~ 152mm
2A59 ? ?
2A60 ~ 120mm
2A60M ~ 120mm
2A61 Pat-B 152mm
2A62 ~ 85mm
2A63 ~ 152mm
2A64 ~ 152mm
2A64M2 Dilemma 152mm
2A65 Msta-B 152mm
2A66 D-91T Anker 125mm
2A66M D-95TM 125mm
2A67 ~ 152mm
2A70 ~ 100mm
2A71 ? ?
2A72 TKB-717 Pantsir-S cannons 30mm
2A72-UCh ~ 30mm
2A73 Zaraysk 152mm
2A73M ~ 152mm
2A75 ~ 125mm
2A75M ~ 125mm
2A79 Pantir-S tower 30mm
2A80 ~ 120mm
2A80-1 ~ 120mm
2A80-1-01 ~ 120mm
2A80-1-02 ~ 120mm
2A82 Cannon for T-90A 125mm
2A82-1 Cannon for T-90M 125mm
2A82-1M Cannon for T-14 125mm
2A83 Cannon for T-95 152mm
2A84 Salyut-T ~
2A84-1 ~ ~
2A84-2 ~ ~
2A84-3 ~ ~
2A84-4 ~ ~
2A85 Sozvezdiye ~
2A86 Howitzer for 2S35 152mm
2A87 Cannon for 2S36 120mm
2A87-1 Cannon for 2S42 120mm
2A88 Koalitsiya-SV-O 155mm
2A89 Cannon for 2S37 125mm
2A90 Cannon for 2S38 57mm
2A91 ~ 57mm
2A92 ~ 57mm
2A93 Cannon for 2S40 120mm
2A94 TKB-1006, APGB 57mm

2B (Artillery Systems) 2Б

Index Item Caliber
2B1 Oka 420mm
2B2 BM-14M 140mm
2B2R BM-14MM 140mm
2B3 BM-24M 240mm
2B5 BM-21 Grad 122mm
2B6 BM-13M 132mm
2B6R BM-13MM 132mm
2B7 BM-13NM 132mm
2B7R BM-13NMM 132mm
2B8 LP-40 240mm
2B9 Vasilok 82mm
2B9-UCh ~ 82mm
2B9M ~ 82mm
2B10 ~ ~
2B11 ~ 120mm
2B11-1 ~ 120mm
2B11-UCh ~ 120mm
2B14 Podnos 82mm
2B14-1 Podnos 82mm
2B14-UCh ~ 82mm
2B16 Nona-B 120mm
2B16 (KG011) Nona-K (LP-57-2) 120mm
2B17 BM-21-1 - 9K51 ~
2B17-1 BM-21-1 - 9K51M ~
2B17-50 Grad-50 ~
2B17A BM-21-1 - 9K51M (APP) ~
2B17M BM-21-1 (2B26) ~
2B18 (KG017) Nona-M 120mm
2B21 Oval 30mm
2B22 ~ ~
2B23 Nona-M1 120mm
2B24 ~ 82mm
2B24-1 ~ 82mm
2B25 Gall 82mm
2B26 BM-21-1 - 9K51M ~
2B27 ~ 82mm

2V (Auxiliary Equipment) 2В

Index Item
2V1 Checking equipment for testing the bore of the 2K4 ATGM
2V2 Checking equipment for testing the guidance of the 2K4 ATGM
2V3 Conversion unit for MGI 8N16
2V4 Remote conversion unit for MGI 8N16
2V5 Maintenance kit for ZRK 2K11
2V5M Maintenance kit for ZRK 2K11
2V6 Maintenance kit for ZRK 2K12
2V6M Maintenance kit for ZRK 2K12
2V7 KIS Control and measuring station for ZRK 2K12
2V7-K KIS-K control station for 2V7 with Ural-375
2V7-R KIS-R repair station for 2V7 with Ural-375
2V7M1 KIS control and measuring station for ZRK 2K12M
2V27 Training analogue to the EAPR-3SA. For 2P19, 2P19-1, 9P117, 9P117-1, 9P117M, 9P117M-1, 9P117M1, 9P117M1-1, 9V41, 9V41M
2V28 Test panel for testing the high-altitude relay of the rocket emergency blasting system for 9V41 and 9V41M
2V30 ?
2V32 Test panel for testing rocket computers 9V41 and 9V41M
2V34 Training analogue imitating the on-board network/wiring of the rocket/missile - for 2V11, 2V11M, 2V11M1, 2P19, 2P19-1, 9P117, 9P117-1, 9P117M, 9P117M-1, 9P117M1, 9P117M1-1
2V36 Software distribution box for 2V12, 2V12-1, 2V12M, 2V12M-1
2V37 Low frequency sine generator for 2V12, 2V12-1, 2V12M, 2V12M-1
2V38 Voltage indicator for 2V12, 2V12-1, 2V12M, 2V12M-1
2V39 Test machine for 2K15, 2K16
2V41 Autonomous testing machine for 8K14, 8K14-1
2V110 Maintenance machine for 2K22
2V110-1 Maintenance machine for 2K22, 2K22M, 2K22M1, 96K6, 30Yu6
2V110-Ye Maintenance machine for self-propelled AA
2V110-Ye2 Maintenance machine for self-propelled AA
2V110-Ye3 Maintenance machine for self-propelled AA
2V119 Machine repair and service for 2S38

2G (Refuelling Equipment) 2Г

Index Item Application Options
2G1 Gas tanker 9K72, 9K72-1 ZiL-157Ye
2G1U Gas tanker 9K72, 9K72-1, 2K17, 2K17M ZiL-157Ye or ZiL-131
2G1U-5 Gas tanker
2G1US Gas tanker ZiL-157Ye
2G1U-SP Gas tanker ZiL-157Ye
2G2 Oxidizer tanker 9K72, 9K72-1 Ural-375V

2YeYe (General Specifications) 2ЕЕ

Index Item
2YeYe11 overhaul of artillery guns and small arms

2I (Tools & Accessories) 2И

Index Item

2K (Weapon Systems) 2К

Index Item Armament Launcher
2K1 Mars 3R1 2P1
2K2 Filin 3R2, 3R3, or 3R4 2P4
2K3 ~ 8A61, or 8K11 8U218
2K4 Drakon 3M7 IT-1
2K5 Korshun 3R7 2P6
2K6 Luna 3R8, 3R9, 3R10, or 3R11 2P13, 2P16, or 2P21
2K7 Zemlya 8K14 (R-17) 2P19
2K8 Falanga 3M11 2P32 or 9P124
2K8M Falanga-M 9M17 or 9M17M 2P32M or 9P124M
2K8P Falanga-P (Fleyta) 9M17M2, 9M17P, or 9M17P-Pr 9P137
2K9 Onega 3M1 2P8 (2P9 transport)
2K10 Ladoga 3M2, or 3M2-5 2P11 (2P12 transport)
2K11 Krug 3M8 2P24 (2T6 transport)
2K11A Krug-A 3M8 2P24 (2T6 transport)
2K11A1 Krug-A1 ? ?
2K11M Krug-M 3M8M, 3M8M1, 3M8M2, or 3M10 2P24M or 2P28
2K11M1 Krug-M1 3M8M3 2P24M1 (2T6M transport)
2K11M2 Krug-M2 ? 2P24M2 (2T6M transport)
2K11M3 Krug-M3 ? ?
2K12 Kub 3M9 2P25
2K12M Kub-M 3M9M 2P25M
2K12M1 Kub-M1 3M9M1 2P25M1
2K12M2 Kub-M2 3M9M2 2P25M2
2K12M3 Kub-M3 3M9M3 2P25M3
2K12M3A Kub-M3A 3M9M4 ?
2K12M3S Kub-M3S 3M9M3S ?
2K12M4 (9K37-1) Kub-M4 (Kub-1) 3M9M3 and 9M38 2P25M4 or 9A38
2K12E Kvadrat 3M9E ?
2K14 (9K14) Malyutka 9M14, 9M14M, 9M14M1, 9M14MP, 9M14MP1, or 9M14MP2 9P110 or 9P122
2K15 Shmel' 3M6 2P26
2K16 Shmel' 3M6 2P27
2K17 FKR-2 ? 2P30
2K17M FKR-2M 9M78 9P123
2K21 Mortar complex 2B9 or 2B9M (mortar) 2F54 (transport)
2K21-2 Mortar complex 2B14-1 (mortar) MT-LB
2K21-3 Mortar complex 2B9 or 2B9M (mortar) MT-LB
2K22 Tunguska 9M311 2S6
2K22M Tunguska-M 9M311-1 2S6M
2K22M1 Tunguska-M1 9M311-1M 2S6M1
2K22M1-1 Tunguska-M1-1 ? 2S6M1-1
2K22M2 Tunguska-M2 ? 2S6M2
2K23 Weapon complex ? BMP-3
2K24 Santimetr 152mm ?
2K24M Santimetr-M 152mm ?
2K25 Krasnopol' 152mm ?
2K25M Krasnopol'-M 152mm ?
2K25M1 Krasnopol'-M1 152mm ?
2K28 Kitolov-2 120mm ?
2K30 Iset 152mm 2S30
2K31 Msta-SM 152mm 2S33
2K32 Deva 82mm 2S24

2L (Wheels & Tires) 2Л

Index Item Application
2L53 ZiS-5 wheel with tire GK 37x7 52-P-482
2L54 trollybus wheel with tire GK10
2L60 wheel 52-M-864
2L81 wheel drive 2B11
2L511 wheel S-83 52-L-504A, 52-L-504M
2L538 tire inflator? 52-M-853
2L542 blown tire model Ya-151 52-P-482
2L543 blown tire model 2 52-P-482
2L547 penumatic tire model 130020
2L548 tire pout model Ya-97 52-P-482
2L549 tire pout model IYa-112A 52-P-482

2P (Self-Propelled Missile Systems) 2П

Index Item Application Components
2P1 launch complex S-122A 2K1 2P2, 2P3
2P2 self-propelled launcher Pion S-119A 2P1 8U011, 51-OP-211
2P3 transport & loading machine S-120A 2P1 -
2P4 self-propelled launcher Tyul'pan 2K2 Object 804, 8U011, 51-OP-211
2P5 self-propelled launcher SM-44 2P6 YAZ-214 or KrAZ-214, 8U011, 51-OP-211
2P6 launch complex 2K5 2P5, 2P7
2P7 transport & loading machine 2P6 YAZ-214 or KrAZ-214
2P8 self-propelled launcher 2K9 Object 121
2P9 transport & loading machine 2K9 Object 122
2P11 self-propelled launcher 2K10 Object 125
2P12 transport & loading machine 2K10 Object 126
2P13 towed launcher Br-230 2K6 -
2P16 self-propelled launcher S-123A 2K6 Object 160, 51-OP-211K, 52-Ts-572, others
2P17 transport & loading vehicle S-124A 2K6 Object 161
2P19 self-propelled launcher 9K72 Object 810, 8Sh18, 2V12, 9V362, 2V22, 2V23, 2V27, 2V27, 2V34, 9V151, 9V154, 9V46, others
2P19-1 self-propelled launcher 9K72 Object 810, 8Sh18, 2V12, 9V362, 2V22, 2V23, 2V27, 2V27, 2V34, 9V151, 9V154, 9V46, others
2P20 self-propelled launcher 9K72 MAZ-537B
2P21 self-propelled launcher Br-226-II 2K6 ZiL-135Ye
2P24 self-propelled launcher KS-41 2K11, 2K11A Object 123, 2E5, 9S410, 9S411
2P24M self-propelled launcher 2K11M
2P24M1 self-propelled launcher 2K11M1
2P24M2 self-propelled launcher 2K11M2
2P25 self-propelled launcher 2K12 Object 578 (GM-578), 9P12, 2E6, 1A18, 9Sh33M, 1S61-B, 9V320, 9V323, 9V234, 1E5
2P25M self-propelled launcher 2K12M Object 578M (GM-578M), 9P12M, 2E6M, 1A18M, 9Sh33M, 1S61M-B, 1S61M, 1E5
2P25M1 self-propelled launcher 2K12M1 Object 578M1 (GM-578M1), 9P12M1, 2E6M1, 1A18M1, 9Sh33M, 1S61M1-B, 1S61M1, 9V332M, 9V324M1
2P25M2 self-propelled launcher 2K12M2 Object 578M2 (GM-578M2), 9P12M2, 2E6M3, 1A18M2, 9Sh33M, 1S61M2-B, 1S61M2
2P25M3 self-propelled launcher 2K12M3 Object 578M3 (GM-578M3), 9P12M3, 2E6M3, 1A18M3, 9Sh33M, 1S61M3-B, 1S61M3
2P25M4 self-propelled launcher 2K12M4
2P26 fighting machine 2K15 GAZ-69
2P27 ATGMV 2K16 GAZ-40P
2P28 self-propelled launcher (for 3M10) 2K11M Object 300
2P30 self-propelled launcher 2K17 ZiL-135K
2P32 fighting machine 2K8 GAZ-40P
2P32/K-4V aircraft launcher KUV K-4V 9M17
2P32M combat vehicle 2K8M GAZ-40P
2P130 TKB-033, launcher 9M41
2P130-1 launcher 1Zh3 (PRP-3) 9M41
2P130-2 launcher 9M41
2P130-3 launcher 9M41
2P131 TKB-0122, portable launcher Fakel 9M41
2P132 portable launcher 9K510
2P133 TKB-0190, launcher Tuluachka

2PV (Engines (?)) 2ПВ

Index Item
1PV8 GTAEP gas turbine engine
2PV8-1 Gas turbine engine for air defense systems

2S (Self-Propelled Artillery Systems) 2С

Index Item Armament
2S1 self-propelled howitzer Gvozdika 122mm 2A31
2S1M self-propelled gun Khosta (changed to 2S34) 120mm 2A80-1
2S1M1 self-propelled howitzer Gvozdika-M 122mm 2A31
2S2 self-propelled howitzer Fialka 122mm 2A32
2S3 self-propelled howitzer Akatsiya 152mm 2A33
2S3M self-propelled howitzer Akatsiya-M 152mm 2A33
2S3M1 self-propelled howitzer 152mm 2A33
2S3M2 self-propelled howitzer 152mm 2A33
2S3M2-155 self-propelled howitzer 155mm M-385
2S3M3 self-propelled howitzer Dilyemma-2S3M 152mm 2A33M
2S4 self-propelled mortar Tyul'pan 240mm 2B8
2S5 self-propelled gun Giatsint-S 152mm 2A37
2S5M self-propelled gun Dilyemma-2S5 152mm 2A37M
2S5M1 self-propelled gun 155mm
2S6 self-propelled anti-aircraft gun 2 x 30mm 2A38, 8 x 9M311
2S6M self-propelled anti-aircraft gun 2 x 30mm 2A38M, 8 x 9M311-1
2S6M1 self-propelled anti-aircraft gun 2 x 30mm 2A38M, 8 x 9M311-1M
2S6M1-1 self-propelled anti-aircraft gun ?
2S6M2 self-propelled anti-aircraft gun ?
2S7 self-propelled gun Pion 203mm 2A44
2S7M self-propelled gun Malka 203mm 2A44
2S8 self-propelled mortar Landysh 120mm
2S9 self-propelled gun Nona-S 120mm 2A60
2S9-1 self-propelled gun Sviristelka 120mm 2A51
2S9-1M self-propelled gun Nona-SM 120mm 2A51M
2S10 self-propelled mortar Tundzha 120mm M-120
2S11 self-propelled gun Giatsint-SK 152mm 2A54
2S12 self-propelled mortar Sani 120mm 2B11
2S12A self-propelled mortar Dilyemma-2S12 120mm 2B11
2S12B self-propelled mortar Dilyemma-2S12 120mm 2B11
2S13 self-propelled gun Nona-SV 120mm
2S14 self-propelled anti-tank gun Zhalo-S 85mm 2A62
2S15 self-propelled anti-tank gun Norov 100mm 2A52
2S16 ? ? ?
2S17 self-propelled gun Zhalo-S 120mm 2A60
2S17-2 self-propelled gun Zhalo-S 120mm 2A51
2S18 self-propelled howitzer Pat-S 152mm 2A63
2S19 self-propelled howitzer Msta-S 152mm 2A64
2S19M self-propelled howitzer Msta-SM (changed to 2S33) 152mm 2A79
2S19M1 self-propelled howitzer 152mm
2S19M1-155 (*) self-propelled howitzer Neobitayemost'-155 155mm
2S19M2 self-propelled howitzer Dilyemma-2S19 152mm 2A64M2
2S20 ? ? ?
2S21 self-propelled howitzer Msta-K 152mm 2A67
2S22 self-propelled field gun Kolba-3 152mm
2S23 self-propelled gun Nona-SVK 120mm 2A60
2S23M self-propelled gun Nona-SVK-M 120mm 2A60M
2S24 self-propelled mortar 82mm 2B24
2S25 self-propelled anti-tank gun Sprut-SD 125mm 2A75
2S25M self-propelled anti-tank gun Sprut-SDM1 125mm 2A75M
2S26 self-propelled howitzer Pat-K 152mm
2S27 self-propelled howitzer Rif 152mm 2A67
2S28 self-propelled anti-tank gun Sprut-K (Sprut-SSV) 125mm
2S29 self-propelled anti-tank gun Sprut-SV 125mm
2S30 self-propelled howitzer Msta-S1 152mm 2A79
2S31 self-propelled gun Vena (Nona-2) 120mm 2A80
2S31Ye self-propelled gun 120mm
2S31M self-propelled gun 120mm
2S32 ? ? ?
2S33 self-propelled howitzer Msta-SM 152mm 2A79
2S33M self-propelled howitzer 152mm
2S34 self-propelled gun Khosta 120mm 2A80-1
2S34-1 self-propelled field gun Dilyemma-Khosta 120mm
2S34M self-propelled gun Khosta-M 120mm
2S35 self-propelled howitzer Koalitsiya-SV-OP 152mm double-barrel 2A86 or single barrel 2A88
2S35-1 self-propelled howitzer Koalitsiya-SV-KSh 152mm 2A88
2S36 self-propelled gun Zauralets-D 120mm 2A87
2S37 self-propelled anti-tank gun 125mm 2A89
2S38 "fighting machine" 57mm 2A90
2S39 self-propelled artillery gun Magnoliya 120mm
2S40 self-propelled artillery gun Floks 120mm
2S41 self-propelled mortar Drok 82mm
2S42 self-propelled gun Lotos 120mm 2A87-1
2S43 self-propelled artillery gun Mal'va 152mm

2T (Transport Vehicles) 2Т

Index Item Application Components
2T1 conveyor 2B1 Object 273
2T2 Transport vehicle 52-M-883 AT-P
2T3 off-road transport (?) 9K72 ZiL-157V or ZiL-157KV
2T3M off-road transport (?) 9K72 ZiL-157KV
2T3M1 off-road transport (?) 9K72, 9K72-1 ZiL-131V
2T3U off-road transport (?) - -
2T4 isothermal docking machine 9K72 Ural-375
2T5 transport hangar 9K72, 9K72-1 -
2T6 transport & loading machine 2K11, 2K11A Ural-375Ye
2T6M transport & loading machine 2K11M, 2K11M1, 2K11M2 Ural-375Ye
2T7 transport & loading machine 2K12, 2K12M, 2K12M1, 2K12M2, 2K12M3, 2K12M4 ZiL-157
2T7M transport & loading machine 2K12, 2K12M, 2K12M1, 2K12M2, 2K12M3, 2K12M4 ZiL-131
2T8 ? ? ?
2T9 transport vehicle 2K6 ZiL-157V
2T18D transport vehicle - -
2T210 transport kit 2A6, 2A6V, 2A6V1, 2A6M, 2A6M1, 2A6M2, 2A6M3, 2A6M4, 2A6M5 2I12
2T210M transport kit 2A6, 2A6V, 2A6V1, 2A6M, 2A6M1, 2A6M2, 2A6M3, 2A6M4, 2A6M5 2I12

2U (PRTB Facilities) 2У

Index Item
2U1 Regimental workshop
2U654 Mobile repair and technical base «Pole» (Br-210)

2F (Transport Vehicles) 2Ф

Index Item

2Kh (Training Aids) 2Х

Index Item

2Ts (Mechanical Sights) 2Ц

Index Item

2Sh (Bags, cases) 2Ш

Index Item

2Shch (Devices) 2Щ

Index Item

2E (Power Guidance Drives & Weapon Stabilizers) 2Э

Index Item

2Yu (Accessories) 2Ю

Index Item Application Components
2Yu2 set of accessories 2A14, 2A14M 2I12, 2I23, 2Yu4 or 2Yu12
2Yu3 cartridge tape 2A7, 2A7M, 2A14, 2A14M -
2Yu4 equipment machine (?) 2Yu2 -
2Yu5 tool kit and accessories 2A28 -
2Yu12 2Yu2

2Ya (Packaging) 2Я

Index Item Application Components
2Ya14 set of stacking boxes 2A14, 2A14M 2Ya14-gr, 2Ya14-ryem, 2Ya14S
2Ya14-gr group box (?) 2Ya14 -
2Ya14-ryem repair box 2Ya14 -
2Ya14S stacking box 2Ya14 -
2Ya16 laying box 2Ts27 -
2Ya18 laying box no.1 2A14, 2A14M -
2Ya28 laying box 2A42, 2A42-1 -
2Ya37 laying box 2A38, 2A38M -
2Ya39 laying box 2A72 -
2Ya42 laying box 2A70 -
2Ya43 laying box 2A70 -
2Ya44 laying box 2A70 -
2Ya57 laying box 2A42, 2A42-1 -
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