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Not to be confused with the GRAU Index, which replaced this index.


The GAU Index is an old Russian categorization system of military equipment. It was used from 1938 to 1960.

Main Artillery Directorate (GAU)
Главное артиллерийское управление (ГАУ)
Glavnoye artilleriyskoye upravleniye (GAU)

The GAU index was replaced by the GRAU index, which was used from 1960s.


51-A (automated fire control devices, remote guidance drives) 51-А
Index Item Application Components
51-A-419 PUAZO-5 Ovod anti-aircraft fire control device [52-P-365, 52-P-365K, 52-P-366, 56-P-368A] 51-OD-426
51-A-419A PUAZO-5A anti-aircraft fire control device [52-P-281] 51-OD-426
51-A-420 PUAZO-6 anti-aircraft fire control device [52-P-365, 52-P-368] 51-OD-426, PZS-3
51-A-420A PUAZO-6 anti-aircraft fire control device 51-OD-426
51-A-420V PUAZO-6-19 anti-aircraft fire control device [52-P-415] 1RL35-19 51-OD-426
51-A-420G PUAZO-6-60 anti-aircraft fire control device [52-P-281] 1RL35 51-OD-426
51-A-420D PUAZO-6-19M anti-aircraft fire control device [52-P-415M, 52-P-415M2] 1RL35-19M 51-OD-426
51-A-420N PUAZO-6-60N anti-aircraft fire control device [52-P-281] 1RL35N 51-OD-426
51-A-422 Anti-aircraft fire control device (1A5)
51-A-431 ESP-57 Don-60 electronic drive 52-P-281 51-E-432, 51-E-432A, 51-E-433, 51-U-431

51-B (Fire Control Devices) 51-Б
Index Item Application Components
51-B-216 PUMO-5 mortar fire control device
51-B-220 PUO-9 fire control device

51-V (Measuring Instruments) 51-В
Index Item Application Components
51-V-005 Ruler
51-V-054 KP-1 course plotter GAZ-69T
51-V-054M KP-1M course plotter GAZ-69TM, GAZ-69TMG
51-V-243B Chordouglometer
51-V-245 MPL-50 scale-aiming ruler

51-DST (Rangefinder Devices) 51-ДСТ
Index Item Application Components
51-DST-451 DSP-30 rangefinder
51-DST-451M DSP-30M rangefinder

51-Ye (Goniometers) 51-Е

Index Item
51-Ye-001 Quadrant goniometer

51-YeYe (?) 51-ЕЕ

Index Item
51-YeYe-025 Squirrel brush for optics

51-Z (Sound Meter Instruments) 51-З

Index Item
51-Z-283 SCh3-6M sound meter station

51-I (?) 51-И

Index Item
51-I-618 Set of spare parts, tools, and accessories for the 1OP80 scope

51-IK (Night (IR) Devices) 51-ИК

Index Item
51-IK-071 BI-8 (BI-8x30) IR binoculars
51-IK-092 NRT ..?
51-IK-210 APN-2 artillery night sight for D-44N and SD-44N
51-IK-211 APN-57 artillery night sight for ZiS-2N and SD-57N
51-IK-212 APN2-7 artillery night sight for D-44N and SD-44N
51-IK-213 APN2-5 artillery night sight for BS-3N
51-IK-214 APN2-77 artillery night sight for D-48N
51-IK-611 SPN-1 night sight for Mosin 1891/30
51-IK-613 PPN-1 night sight for RP-46N
51-IK-614 NAP-1 night sight for AKN, AKSN, RPDN, and RPG-2N1

51-K (Compasses) 51-К

Index Item
51-K-021 KA-3 Andrianova compass
51-K-1 "big compass"

51-KTs (?) 51-КЦ

Index Item
51-KTs-120 Ballistic wind and temperature calculator

51-O (Optical Instruments) 51-О

Index Item
51-O-701 PE Yemel'yanova optical sight for Mosin 1891/30

51-OB (Optical Binocular Devices) 51-ОБ

Index Item

51-OD (Optical Rangefinders) 51-ОД

Index Item

51-OK (Collimator Optical Instruments) 51-ОК

Index Item
51-OK-411 Collimator sight for ZPU 56-U-542A (TKB-149)

GAU Index/51/OM

GAU Index/51/OP

GAU Index/51/OS

GAU Index/51/OYu

GAU Index/51/PK

GAU Index/51/RL

GAU Index/51/U

51-FA (Cameras) 51-ФА

Index Item
51-FA-273 PDF periscope telephoto camera

51-FV (Photo Lab / Darkroom) 51-ФВ

Index Item
51-FV-9 Individual travelling darkroom of the Eremin system

GAU Index/51/FM

GAU Index/51/TsU

GAU Index/51/Sh

51-E (Electrical Appliances) 51-Э

Index Item Application
51-E-202 Key
51-E-215 Luch-PM-2M lighting device 52-M-843S, 52-M-843Sh, 2B9, 2B9M, 2B11, 2B14, 2B14-1, 2B16
51-E-432 EMU-12A3A electric machine amplifier 51-A-431, SNR-125, SNR-125M
51-E-432A EMU-12A3Aa electric amplifier 51-A-431
51-E-433 MI-32Ta executive electric motor 51-A-431

51-Yu (Accessories) 51-Ю

Index Item
51-Yu-620 Dust fuse for 1OP80

51-Ya (Packaging) 51-Я

Index Item
51-Ya-211K Case for 51-OP-211K, 1OP40, 1OP44
51-Ya-211KYa Case for 51-OP-211K, 1OP40, 1OP44
51-Ya-211MF Case for 51-OP-211M
51-Ya-431 Packing box for 51-U-431
51-Ya-614 Case for 51-OM-614
51-Ya-614M Case for 51-OM-614M
51-Ya-614M2 Case for 51-OM-614M2
51-Ya-617M Case for 51-OM-617A, 51-OM-617M
51-Ya-618 Packing box for 51-OM-618 (VK-4)
51-Ya-830 Packing box

GAU Index/52/G

52-GPS (Self-propelled guns) 52-ГПС
Index Item Application Components
52-GPS-544B Self-propelled gun obr. 1937/43g.
52-GPS-545 ISU-152 self-propelled gun obr. 1937/43g.

52-GS (Howitzer for self-propelled installation) 52-ГС
Index Item Caliber Application Components
52-GS-463 M-30S howitzer for self-propelled installation 122mm SU-122

GAU Index/52/GT

GAU Index/52/D

GAU Index/52/DK

GAU Index/52/Zh

GAU Index/52/ZhK

GAU Index/52/Z

GAU Index/52/I

GAU Index/52/IK

GAU Index/52/IMP

GAU Index/52/IT

GAU Index/52/ITs

GAU Index/52/L

GAU Index/52/LK

GAU Index/52/LT

GAU Index/52/M

GAU Index/52/MP

GAU Index/52/O

GAU Index/52/P

GAU Index/52/PD

52-PK (Casemate cannons) 52-ПК
Index Item Caliber Application Components
52-PK-354 L-17 obr. 1940g. casemate cannon 76mm KT-4, 52-SK-354, 52-DK-354, 52-ZhK-354, 52-IK-354, 52-LK-354, 52-YuK-354, 52-YaK-354
52-PK-365 ZiF-26 casemate cannon (D5-T85) 85mm PUR-6 or PUR-26
52-PK-412 ZiF-25 casemate cannon 100mm PUR-25
52-PK-474 D-25 casemate cannon 122mm

GAU Index/52/PS

GAU Index/52/PT

GAU Index/52/R

GAU Index/52/RZ

GAU Index/52/S

GAU Index/52/ST

GAU Index/52/T

GAU Index/52/TK

GAU Index/52/TM

GAU Index/52/TR

GAU Index/52/U

GAU Index/52/F

GAU Index/52/Kh

GAU Index/52/KhM

GAU Index/52/Ts

GAU Index/52/TsM

GAU Index/52/TsS

GAU Index/52/TsU

GAU Index/52/Ch

GAU Index/52/ChMP

GAU Index/52/ET

GAU Index/52/Yu

GAU Index/52/YuK

GAU Index/52/YuT

GAU Index/52/Ya

GAU Index/52/YaZ

GAU Index/52/YaK

GAU Index/52/YaM

GAU Index/52/YaMP

GAU Index/52/YaR

53-A (Propaganda Ammunition) 53-А

Index Caliber Part of
53-A-462 122mm 53-VA-462, 53-VA-463
53-A-832 82mm 53-VA-832
53-A-832A 82mm 53-VA-832A

53-B (Armour-Piercing Shells) 53-Б

Index Caliber Part of Fuse
53-B-111 20mm 53-UB-111 53-V-102
53-B-113 20mm 53-UB-113
53-B-160 37mm 53-UB-161 53-V-032
53-B-160M 37mm 53-UB-161M, 53-UB-152M
53-B-162 37mm 53-UB-162
53-B-240 45mm 53-UB-241, 53-UB-243 53-V-032, 53-V-102, 53-V-202
53-B-241 45mm 53-UB-241M 53-V-032
53-B-242 45mm 53-UB-241, 53-UB-242 53-V-032
53-B-343 76mm 53-UB-343
53-B-420 107mm 53-VB-423, 53-VB-425
53-B-425 107mm 52-VB-425
53-B-471 122mm 52-VB-471

53-BZR (Armour-Piercing Incendiary-Tracer Shells) 53-БЗР

Index Caliber Part of Fuse
53-BZR-240 45mm
53-BZR-271 57mm
53-BZR-361 76mm

53-BK (High-Explosive Anti-Tank, Fin Stabilized Shells) 53-БК

Index Item Caliber

53-BL (Ballistic Sleeves) 53-БЛ

Index Item Caliber

53-BP (High-Explosive, Anti-Tank Shells) 53-БП

Index Item Caliber

53-BR (Armour-Piercing Tracer Shells) 53-БР

Index Item Caliber

53-BKh (Armour-Piercing Chemical Shells) 53-БХ

Index Item Caliber
53-BKh-240 Chemical 45mm

53-BU (Training Armour-Piercing Shells) 53-БУ

Index Item Caliber

53-V (Fuses) 53-В

Index Item Caliber

53-VA (Two-Piece Propaganda Shells) 53-ВА

Index Item Caliber

53-VB (Two-Piece AP Shells) 53-ВБ

Index Item Caliber

53-VBK (Two-Piece HEAT-FS Shells) 53-ВБК

Index Item Caliber

53-VBP (Two-Piece HEAT Shells) 53-ВБП

Index Item Caliber

53-VBR (Two-Piece AP-T Shells) 53-ВБР

Index Item Caliber

53-VG (Two-Piece AC Shells) 53-ВГ

Index Item Caliber

53-VD (Remotely-Fired Detonators & Two-Piece Smoke Shells) 53-ВД

Index Item Caliber

53-VDTs (Two-Piece Sighting & Targeting Shells) 53-ВДЦ

Index Item Caliber

53-VE (?) 53-ВЕ

Index Item
53-VE-001PR Fuse tester

53-VZ (Two-Piece Incendiary Shells) 53-ВЗ

Index Item Caliber

53-VNS (Two-Piece Chemical Shells) 53-ВНС

Index Item Caliber

53-VO (Two-Piece Fragmentation Shells) 53-ВО

Index Item Caliber

53-VOF (Two-Piece HE-F Shells) 53-ВОФ

Index Item Caliber

53-VOKh (Two-Piece Fragmentation-Chemical Shells) 53-ВОХ

Index Item Caliber

53-VPBK (Two-Piece Practice HEAT-FS Shells) 53-ВПБК

Index Item Caliber

53-VPU (Two-Piece Training Shells) 53-ВПУ

Index Item Caliber

53-VS (Two-Piece Illumination Shells) 53-ВС

Index Item Caliber

53-VF (Two-Piece HE Shells) 53-ВФ

Index Item Caliber

53-VKh (Two-Piece Chemical Shells) 53-ВХ

Index Item Caliber

53-VKhN (Two-Piece Chemical Shells (Unstable?)) 53-ВХН

Index Item Caliber

53-VKhS (Two-Piece Chemical Shells (Stable?)) 53-ВХС

Index Item Caliber

53-VKhSO (Two-Piece Fragmentation-Chemical Shells (Stable?)) 53-ВХСО

Index Item Caliber

53-VSh (Two-Piece Shrapnel Shells) 53-ВШ

Index Item Caliber

53-G (Anti-Concrete Shells) 53-Г

Index Item Caliber

53-D (Smoke Shells) 53-Д

Index Item Caliber Part of Charge
53-D-240 45mm 53-UD-243 53-Zh-240
53-D-350 76mm
53-D-530A 76mm
53-D-367 85mm
53-D-412 100mm
53-D-422U 107mm
53-D-462 122mm
53-D-462A 122mm
53-D-462S 122mm
53-D-540 152mm
53-D-822 50mm
53-D-832 83mm
53-D-832A 83mm
53-D-832DU 82mm
53-D-832S 83mm
53-D-841 107mm
53-D-841A 107mm
53-D-843 120mm
53-D-843A 120mm
53-D-949 140mm

53-DTs (Sighting & Targeting Shells) 53-ДЦ

Index Caliber Part of Fuse
53-DTs-471 122mm 53-VDTs-471 53-V-024, 53-V-025M, 53-V-025U

53-Zh (Detonators, Charges) 53-Ж

Index Item Caliber

53-Z (Incendiary Shells) 53-З

Index Item Caliber

53-ZR (Incendiary Tracer Shells) 53-ЗР

Index Item Caliber
53-ZP-132 25mm

53-I (Tools) 53-И

Index Item Caliber

53-IM (Test Instruments) 53-ИМ

Index Item Caliber

53-IR (Tools) 53-ИР

Index Item Caliber

53-IS (Assembly Tools) 53-ИС

Index Item Caliber

53-IYu () 53-ИЮ

Index Item Caliber

53-K (Ignition and Detonator Caps) 53-К

Index Item Caliber

53-KV (Primer Caps) 53-КВ

Index Item Caliber

53-KVE (Test Caps for Ignition Caps) 53-КВЕ

Index Item Caliber

53-KD (Detonator Caps) 53-КД

Index Item Caliber

53-KM (Detonator Caps) 53-КМ

Index Item Caliber

53-KN (On-board Detonator Caps) 53-КН

Index Item Caliber

53-L (Bushings) 53-Л

Index Item Caliber

53-LKh (Dummy Mines) 53-ЛХ

Index Item Caliber

53-M (Mechanical Remote Fuses) 53-М

Index Item Caliber

53-NS (Chemical Shells) 53-НС

Index Item Caliber

53-O (Shrapnel Shells) 53-О

Index Item Caliber

53-OZR (Frag-IT Shells) 53-ОЗР

Index Item Caliber

53-OR (Frag-T Shells) 53-ОР

Index Item Caliber

53-OF (HE Shells) 53-ОФ

Index Item Caliber

53-OKh (Frag-Chemical Shells) 53-ОХ

Index Item Caliber

53-P (Practice Shells) 53-П

Index Item Caliber

53-PBK (Practice HEAT Shells) 53-ПБК

Index Item Caliber

53-PBR (Practice AP-T Shells) 53-ПБР

Index Item Caliber

53-PU (Training Mines) 53-ПУ

Index Item Caliber

53-R (Tracer Shells) 53-Р

Index Item Caliber

53-S (Illumination Shells) 53-С

Index Item Caliber

53-T (Remote Fuses) 53-Т

Index Item Caliber

53-U (?) 53-У

Index Item
53-U-353 Propelling charge for 52-P-353

53-UB (One-Piece AP Shells) 53-УБ

Index Item Caliber

53- () 53-

Index Item Caliber

53- () 53-

Index Item Caliber

53- () 53-

Index Item Caliber

53- () 53-

Index Item Caliber

53- () 53-

Index Item Caliber

53- () 53-

Index Item Caliber

53- () 53-

Index Item Caliber

53- () 53-

Index Item Caliber

53- () 53-

Index Item Caliber

53- () 53-

Index Item Caliber

53- () 53-

Index Item Caliber

53- () 53-

Index Item Caliber

53- () 53-

Index Item Caliber

53- () 53-

Index Item Caliber

53- () 53-

Index Item Caliber

53- () 53-

Index Item Caliber

53- () 53-

Index Item Caliber

53- () 53-

Index Item Caliber

53- () 53-

Index Item Caliber

53- () 53-

Index Item Caliber

53- () 53-

Index Item Caliber

GAU Index/54

GAU Index/55

56-A (Automatic and Self-Loading Small Arms) 56-А
Index Item Type Cartridge
56-A-13 Voyevodina pistol obr. 1939g. Pistol 7.62mm
56-A-13SV SPV-4 obr. 1944g.
56-A-22 SKS-41 Battle Rifle 7.62x54mmR
56-A-56 AT Rifle (?) AT Rifle (?) 12.7mm
56-A-111 MTs-M Pistol 6.5mm
56-A-111M MTs-U Pistol 6.5mm
56-A-112 TK Pistol 6.35x15.5mmSR
56-A-125 PM Pistol 9x18mm PM
56-A-125M PM "lite" Pistol 9x18mm PM
56-A-125M-12 PMM Pistol 9x18mm PM
56-A-126 Stechkin Automatic Pistol Pistol 9x18mm PM
56-A-127 "Automatic carbine" 7.62mm
56-A-132 TT-30 / TT-33 Pistol 7,62x25mm TT
56-A-133 PPD-34 Submachine Gun 7,62x25mm TT
56-A-133A PPD-34/38 Submachine Gun 7,62x25mm TT
56-A-134 PPSh-41 Submachine Gun 7,62x25mm TT
56-A-135 PPS-43 Submachine Gun 7,62x25mm TT
56-A-136 Experimental PPS-43 with wooden stock Submachine Gun 7,62x25mm TT
56-A-137 "Automatic carbine" 7.62mm
56-A-152 "Pistol obr. 1950g." Pistol 7.62mm
56-A-172 PPSh-41 ..? Submachine Gun 7,62x25mm TT
56-A-212 AK Assault Rifle 7,62x39mm
56-A-212M AKS Assault Rifle 7,62x39mm
56-A-212MN AKSN Assault Rifle 7,62x39mm
56-A-212N AKN Assault Rifle 7,62x39mm
56-A-212N1 AKN1 Assault Rifle 7,62x39mm
56-A-221 semi-auto carbine obr. 1940g. from Zavod 74 Battle Rifle
56-A-225 AVS-36 Battle Rifle 7.62x54mmR
56-A-228 AKT-40 Battle Rifle
56-A-231 SKS-45 Battle Rifle 7,62x39mm

56-B (armour shields, masks) 56-Б
Index Item Application
56-B-134 Ramrod (without heat treatment and bluing) 56-A-134

56-V (Rifles) 56-В
Index Item Type Cartridge
56-V-56 PTRB Anti-Tank Rifle 14.5mm
56-V-58 PTRRYeS-42 Anti-Tank Rifle 20mm
56-V-221 VM-91 Bolt-Action Rifle 7.62x54mmR
56-V-222 VM-91/30 Bolt-Action Rifle 7.62x54mmR
56-V-222A SVM-42 Bolt-Action Rifle 7.62x54mmR
56-V-222G SVM-91/30 (bracket 1936) Bolt-Action Rifle 7.62x54mmR
56-V-222K VM-91/30 "with crusher device" Bolt-Action Rifle 7.62x54mmR
56-V-222N VM-91/30 "with normal chamber" Bolt-Action Rifle 7.62x54mmR
56-V-222P VM-91/30 "with loose chamber" Bolt-Action Rifle 7.62x54mmR
56-V-222S SVM-91/30 Bolt-Action Rifle 7.62x54mmR
56-V-223 K-38 Bolt-Action Rifle 7.62mm
56-V-223S SVT-38 Battle Rifle 7.62x54mmR
56-V-224 K-44 Bolt-Action Rifle 7.62mm
56-V-224K K-38 Bolt-Action Rifle 7.62mm
56-V-229 SVT-40 Battle Rifle 7.62x54mmR
56-V-231 Experimental rifle 7.62x66mm
56-V-241K K-43 (crusher?) Bolt-Action Rifle 7.62mm
56-V-241S K-43 (high-speed?) Bolt-Action Rifle 7.62mm
56-V-243 MTs-12 Sporting Firearm 5.6mm
56-V-245 MTs-13 Sporting Firearm 7.62mm
56-V-542A Prototype AT Rifle Anti-Tank Rifle 12.7mm
56-V-543K LK-12,7 ? 12.7mm
56-V-543S LS-12,7 ? 12.7mm
56-V-562 PTRS-41 Anti-Tank Rifle 14.5mm
56-V-563 PTRD-41 Anti-Tank Rifle 14.5mm
56-V-564K LK-14,5 ? 14.5mm
56-V-564S LS-14,5 ? 14.5mm
56-V-834 TOZ-8 Sporting Firearm 5.6mm
56-V-999 ? ? ?

56-G (Rocket Launchers) 56-Г
Index Item Caliber
56-G-621 D - D'yakonova rifle grenade launcher 40.8mm
56-G-621-2 Mortar for 56-G-621 40.8mm
56-G-622 Flare launcher 24mm
56-G-625 VG-44 (for Mosin 1944) 40.6mm
56-G-626 VG-45 (for SKS) 40.6mm
56-G-651 PRP-82 (PRP-82-M) 82mm
56-G-660 RPG-2 obr. 1948g., obr. 1949g.
56-G-660N RPG-2N
56-G-660N1 RPG-2N1
56-G-661 RPG-1
56-G-662 SG-82 82mm

56-D (Spare Parts) 56-Д
Index Application
56-D-121 56-N-121
56-D-132 56-A-132
56-D-222 56-V-222
56-D-222S 56-V-222S
56-D-225 56-A-225
56-D-321 56-R-321
56-D-322 56-P-322
56-D-421 56-P-421
56-D-431 56-Ya-431
56-D-541 56-P-541
56-D-542 56-P-542
56-D-662 56-G-662

56-DS (Spare parts) 56-ДС
Index Application
56-DS-421S 56-S-421C (56-P-421 + 56-T-421S)

56-Ye (different products that do not belong to any of the categories listed in the index or belong to different categories at the same time) 56-Е
Index Item Application Cartridge
56-Ye-008 VM-91/30 with crusher - 7.62x54mmR

56-YeV (various products that do not belong to one of the categories listed in the index or belong to different categories at the same time) 56-ЕВ
Index Item Application Cartridge
56-YeV-004 'Crasher device' PK-12,7 / PK-14,5 12.7 / 14.5mm

56-Zh (cans for lubricants and other tin products) 56-Ж
Index Item Application Part of
56-Zh-220 Two-necked oil can 56-ShZh-220
56-Zh-220U Single-necked oil can
56-Zh-321 Packing box Accessory kit 56-Yu-321
56-Zh-326 Box of cartridge tapes 56-R-326, 56-R-326N
56-Zh-421-3 Water vessel Accessory kit 56-Yu-421
56-Zh-421-4 Lubrication container Accessory kit 56-Yu-421
56-Zh-421-5 Oiler Accessory kit 56-Yu-421
56-Zh-421-6 Lubrication container Accessory kit 56-Yu-421, or 56-Yu-542
56-Zh-542 Lubrication container Accessory kit 56-Yu-421, 56-Yu-542, or 6Yu14

56-ZhL (containers for cartridge belts) 56-ЖЛ
Index Item Application Part of
56-ZhL-324 100-rnd cartridge box 6P3, 6P3M, 6P3MN, 6P3MN1, 6P3MN2, 6P3N, 6P3N1, 6P3N2, 6P6, 6P6M, 6P6MN, 6P6MN1, 6P6MN2, 6P6N, 6P6N1, 6P6N2, 6P7, 6P7K, 6P10, 6P10M
56-ZhL-327 100-rnd cartridge box 56-R-327, 56-R-326M, 56-R-327N. 56-ShZhL-327, 56-ShO-327, or 56-ShP-327
56-ZhL-420 250-rnd cartridge box 56-P-421, 56-P-421S, 56-P-428, 56-P-428M, 56-P-428MB, 56-P-428MZ, 56-P-428MN, 56-P-428MT, 6P3, 6P3N, 6P3N1, 6P3N2, 6P6, 6P6N, 6P6N1, 6P6N2, 6P7, 6P10
56-ZhL-542 30-rnd belt 56-P-542, 56-P-542T
56-ZhL-542M 50-rnd belt box 56-P-542M, 56-P-542MT, 6P11, 6P11-1, 6P11-2, 6P11-3, 6P49, 6P49V, 6P49MT, 6P49T, 6P50, 6P51, 6P57, 6P58, 6P59, 6P60 56-YaZhL-542M

56-ZhM (containers for magazines) 56-ЖМ
Index Item Application
56-ZhM-321 Iron packing box Magazine 56-M-321M

56-ZT (Anti-aircraft machine gun mounts) 56-ЗТ
Index Item Composition
56-ZT-562 ZPU-1 14.5mm machine gun 56-P-562 (KPV), sight AZP-1, collimator sight 56-OM-618, ski mount 6F2, seat cushion 56-ShChZT-562, cover for tear-off mechanism 56-ShZ-562 or 56-ShCh-562, cover 56-ShZT-562, set of accessories 56-YuZT-562.

56-I (Weapon Cases) 56-И
Index Item
56-I-111F Case for 56-A-111M.

56-IR (instruments) 56-ИР
Index Item Application
56-IR-125 Set of military calibers 9mm pistols 56-A-125 (PM), 6P9 (PB)
56-IR-126 Set of military calibers 9mm pistols 56-A-126 (APS), 6P13 (APB)
56-IR-542M Set of military calibers 12.7mm machine guns 56-P-542M (DShKM), 56-P-542MT (DShKMT)
56-IR-562 Set of military calibers 14.5mm machine guns 56-P-562 (KPV), 56-P-562B (KPVB), 56-P-562T (KPVT), 56-P-562T1 (KPVT-1)

56-ITs (scope instruments) 56-ИЦ
Index Item Application
56-ITs-421 Set of tools and accessories 56-Ts-421 (obr. 1929g.)

GAU Index/56/K

GAU Index/56/L

GAU Index/56/M

GAU Index/56/ML

GAU Index/56/MT

GAU Index/56/N

GAU Index/56/O

GAU Index/56/OK

56-P (Machine Guns) 56-П
Index Item Type Cartridge
56-P-42 DS-42
56-P-113 ShVAK
56-P-322 DT Vehicle Machine Gun 7.62x54mmR
56-P-322M DTM Vehicle Machine Gun 7.62x54mmR
56-P-323 DA Aircraft Machine Gun 7.62x54mmR
56-P-421 Maxim Machine Gun obr. 1910/30g. (56-K-431, 56-K-432, or 56-K-433) Medium Machine Gun 7.62x54mmR
56-P-421S Maxim Machine Gun obr. 1910/30g. (Sokolov) Medium Machine Gun 7.62x54mmR
56-P-422 PV-1 Aircraft Machine Gun 7.62x54mmR
56-P-423 DS-39
56-P-423M DSM
56-P-424 DTU
56-P-425 ShKAS obr. 1933g. Aircraft Machine Gun
56-P-426 ShKAS on mount 56-K-435 Aircraft Machine Gun
56-P-426K ShKAS for wing mount Aircraft Machine Gun
56-P-426S ShKAS for mount behind propeller Aircraft Machine Gun
56-P-426T ShKAS for turret mount Aircraft Machine Gun
56-P-427 TKB-67 Heavy Machine Gun
56-P-428 SG-43 Medium Machine Gun 7.62x54mmR
56-P-428B SGB Medium Machine Gun 7.62x54mmR
56-P-428M SGM Medium Machine Gun 7.62x54mmR
56-P-428MB SGMB Medium Machine Gun 7.62x54mmR
56-P-428MZ SGMZ Medium Machine Gun 7.62x54mmR
56-P-428MK KSGM Medium Machine Gun 7.62x54mmR
56-P-428MN SGMN Medium Machine Gun 7.62x54mmR
56-P-428MT SGMT Vehicle Machine Gun 7.62x54mmR
56-P-533 ShVAK-12.7 Aircraft Machine Gun
56-P-533K ShVAK-12.7 for wing mount Aircraft Machine Gun
56-P-533S ShVAK-12.7 for mount behind propeller Aircraft Machine Gun
56-P-533T ShVAK-12.7 for turret mount Aircraft Machine Gun
56-P-541 DK obr. 1930g. Heavy Machine Gun
56-P-542 DShK obr. 1938g. Heavy Machine Gun 12.7x108mm
56-P-542M DShKM Heavy Machine Gun 12.7x108mm
56-P-542MT DShKMT Vehicle Machine Gun 12.7x108mm
56-P-542T DShKT Vehicle Machine Gun 12.7x108mm
56-P-551T ShVAK-20 for turret mount Aircraft Machine Gun 20mm
56-P-562 KPV obr. 1944g. Heavy Machine Gun 14.5x114mm
56-P-562B KPVB Heavy Machine Gun 14.5x114mm
56-P-562T KPVT Vehicle Machine Gun 14.5x114mm
56-P-562T1 KPVT-1 Heavy Machine Gun 14.5x114mm
56-P-621 Mortar for 56-G-621 grenade launcher 40.8mm
56-P-851 Blyuma heavy machine gun for 56-M-851 5.6mm
56-P-852 Blyuma heavy machine gun for 56-M-851 5.6mm

56-R (Light Machine Guns) 56-Р
Index Item Type Cartridge
56-R-321 DP Light Machine Gun 7.62x54mmR
56-R-321M DPM Light Machine Gun 7.62x54mmR
56-R-321T DT Vehicle Machine Gun 7.62x54mmR
56-R-324 Belt-fed DT Light Machine Gun 7.62x54mmR
56-P-325 RPS-44 Light Machine Gun
56-R-326 RP-46 Light Machine Gun 7.62x54mmR
56-R-326N RP-46N Light Machine Gun 7.62x54mmR
56-R-327 RPD-44 Light Machine Gun 7,62x39mm
56-R-327M RPDM Light Machine Gun 7,62x39mm
56-R-327N RPDN Light Machine Gun 7,62x39mm
56-P-344 MT Light Machine Gun 7.62x54mmR

GAU Index/56/S

GAU Index/56/T

GAU Index/56/TR

GAU Index/56/U

GAU Index/56/UZ

GAU Index/56/UZU

GAU Index/56/US

GAU Index/56/F

GAU Index/56/Kh

GAU Index/56/Ts

GAU Index/56/TsZU

GAU Index/56/TsU

GAU Index/56/TsUS

GAU Index/56/Ch

GAU Index/56/ChV

GAU Index/56/ChN

GAU Index/56/ChU

GAU Index/56/ChKh

GAU Index/56/ChTs

GAU Index/56/Sh

GAU Index/56/ShD

GAU Index/56/ShDP

GAU Index/56/ShZh

GAU Index/56/ShZhL

GAU Index/56/ShZ

GAU Index/56/ShZT

GAU Index/56/ShK

GAU Index/56/ShKP

GAU Index/56/ShM

GAU Index/56/ShMCh

GAU Index/56/ShO

GAU Index/56/ShOZT

GAU Index/56/ShP

GAU Index/56/ShR

GAU Index/56/ShS

GAU Index/56/ShT

GAU Index/56/ShU

GAU Index/56/ShUS

GAU Index/56/ShTs

GAU Index/56/ShTsUS

GAU Index/56/ShCh

GAU Index/56/ShChZT

GAU Index/56/ShYu

GAU Index/56/ShYuZT

GAU Index/56/ShYuP

GAU Index/56/ShYuS

GAU Index/56/ShYuUS

56-Yu (Weapon Accessories) 56-Ю
Index Item
56-Yu-111 Accessories for 56-A-22.

GAU Index/56/YuZT

GAU Index/56/YuL

GAU Index/56/YuT

GAU Index/56/YuU

GAU Index/56/YuUS

GAU Index/56/YuTs

GAU Index/56/YuTsZU

GAU Index/56/YuTsU

56-Ya (Capping) 56-Я
Index Item Application
56-Ya-012 Packing box 56-Ts-012, 56-ChTs-012, YaChTs-012
56-Ya-111F Case with accessories and tools 56-A-111M
56-Ya-126 Packing box
56-Ya-132 Packing box
56-Ya-134V Packing box
56-Ya-135 Packing box
56-Ya-212K Packing box
56-Ya-212M Packing box
56-Ya-222 Packing box
56-Ya-222S Packing box
56-Ya-224 Packing box
56-Ya-224K Packing box
56-Ya-231 Packing box
56-Ya-231D Packing box
56-Ya-321 Packing box
56-Ya-326 Packing box
56-Ya-327 Packing box
56-Ya-420M Packing box
56-Ya-421 Packing box
56-Ya-431 Packing box
56-Ya-542A Packing box
56-Ya-542M Packing box
56-Ya-562T Packing box
56-Ya-562T1 Packing box
56-Ya-574 Packing box
56-Ya-622 Packing box
56-Ya-660 Packing box 56-G-660
56-Ya-662 Packing box 56-G-662

GAU Index/56/YaG

GAU Index/56/YaD

GAU Index/56/YaZh

GAU Index/56/YaZhL

GAU Index/56/YaL

GAU Index/56/YaP

GAU Index/56/YaT

GAU Index/56/YaU

GAU Index/56/YaTs

GAU Index/56/YaTsZU

GAU Index/56/YaCh

GAU Index/56/YaChTs

GAU Index/56/YaYu

GAU Index/56/YaYuL

GAU Index/56/YaYuT

57-ABZ (Aviation API cartridges) 57-АБЗ
Index Item Application Components
57-ABZ-425 7,62 ShKAS BZ aviation cartridge with BZ API bullet with bimetallic casing 56-P-426S

GAU Index/57/ABT

GAU Index/57/ABTZ

GAU Index/57/AN

GAU Index/57/B

GAU Index/57/BZ

GAU Index/57/BZT

GAU Index/57/BT

GAU Index/57/BTZ

GAU Index/57/VG

GAU Index/57/VD

57-G (Grenades) 57-Г-
Index Item Application Components
57-G-71 Hand fragmentation grenade obr. 1940g.
57-G-73 RPG-6 hand anti-tank grenade
57-G-621 VGD 40.8mm rifle grenade chyert. 4-2826 56-G-621 57-K-621, 57-Ya-621D / 57-Ya-621Zh
57-G-621R Hand grenade version of 57-G-621
57-G-623 VPG-41 (VPGS-41) anti-tank rifle grenade 56-V-222 57-Zh-623, 57-YaCh-623
57-G-624 VKG-40 HEAT rifle grenade chyert. 1532o 56-G-621
57-G-651 RBG-82 HEAT rocket chyert. 3-09710 56-G-651
57-G-702 Ignition handle 57-G-715, 57-G-716
57-G-703M RG-42 hand fragmentation grenade 57-Zh-703 / 57-Zh-703M / 7Zh4
57-G-711 RG-14/30 hand fragmentation grenade 57-Zh-711
57-G-712 RGD-33 hand fragmentation grenade 57-Zh-712, 57-Ya-712
57-G-713 (?) RGU-38 prototype hand fragmentation grenade
57-G-713 RGU-40 hand fragmentation grenade
57-G-714 RG-41 hand fragmentation grenade 57-Zh-714
57-G-715 RPG-40 hand anti-tank grenade chyert. 4-06267 "v" 57-G-702, 57-Zh-001
57-G-715U RPG-40 hand anti-tank grenade, improved
57-G-716 (?) RPG-41 hand anti-tank grenade, improved
57-G-716 RG-42 hand anti-tank grenade chyert. 4-7989 57-Zh-703
57-G-716V RG-42V hand anti-tank grenade chyert. 3-9066 (57-G-623 conversion) 57-Zh-703 / 57-Zh-703M / 7Zh4, 57-YaU-716
57-G-717 RGD-5 hand fragmentation grenade 57-Zh-703 / 57-Zh-703M / 7Zh4
57-G-721 F-1 hand fragmentation grenade 57-Zh-703 / 57-Zh-703M / 57-Zh-704T / 57-Zh-721 / 7Zh4, 57-YaG-701
57-G-721MS Hand grenade from a 50mm mortar projectile, steel body 57-Zh-703 / 57-Zh-704T / 57-Zh-721
57-G-721MCh Hand grenade from a 50mm mortar projectile, iron body 57-Zh-703 / 57-Zh-704T / 57-Zh-721
57-G-721U F-1-A obr. 1940g. hand training grenade
57-G-722 ROG-43 hand fragmentation grenade
57-G-723 ?
57-G-725 ?
57-G-731 RPG-43 hand anti-tank grenade chyert. 3-08814 "a" 57-G-731, 57-Zh-731
57-G-731 (?) Ignition handle chyert. 3-08816 "a"
57-G-732 RKG-3 hand HEAT grenade chyert. 3-20286, chyert. 3-013516 57-Zh-732
57-G-732U UPG-8 hand training anti-tank grenade 57-Zh-732U

GAU Index/57/GK

GAU Index/57/GO

GAU Index/57/GU

GAU Index/57/D

GAU Index/57/DD

GAU Index/57/Ye

GAU Index/57/Zh

GAU Index/57/Z

GAU Index/57/ЗП

GAU Index/57/I

GAU Index/57/K

GAU Index/57/KV

GAU Index/57/KD

GAU Index/57/N

GAU Index/57/NYe

GAU Index/57/O

GAU Index/57/P

GAU Index/57/PZ

GAU Index/57/S

GAU Index/57/SD

GAU Index/57/SN

GAU Index/57/T

GAU Index/57/U

GAU Index/57/F

GAU Index/57/Kh

GAU Index/57/Ch

GAU Index/57/Sh

GAU Index/57/Yu

GAU Index/57/Ya

GAU Index/57/YaV

GAU Index/57/YaVD

GAU Index/57/YaG

GAU Index/57/YaD

GAU Index/57/YaZh

GAU Index/57/YaKV

GAU Index/57/YaS

GAU Index/57/YaU

GAU Index/57/YaF

GAU Index/57/YaCh