Fabrique Nationale d'Herstal (FN Herstal or FNH) is a Belgian arms and vehicle manufacturer.
FN Herstal Products
Firearms FNH
Assault Rifles F2000FNCFS2000Mk 16SCAR-L (CQCSTDLB)SCAR 16S
Battle Rifles FAL (0061626364)Mk 17Model 1949SCAR-H (CQCSTDLB)SCAR 17S
Machine Guns MAG 58Minimi
Marksman Rifles FNARMk 20SCAR 20SSSR
Shotguns SLPTPS
Submachine Guns P90PS90SCAR PDWSCAR SC
Pistols 509Five-seveNFNP (945)Forty-NineHi-PowerModel 1900Model 1903Model 1905Model 1910Model 1922Model 1955
Revolvers Barracuda
Sniper Rifles Ballista
Land Vehicles
Transport & Towing FN-Kégresse 3T
PDW Calibre 5.7x28mm FN
Design and Manufacturing firms of Belgium
Post-World War II
Artillery & Small Arms Artillery [[]]
Firearms FN Herstal
Optics [[]]
Industry Chemical, Fuel, Power Generation [[]]
Metals / Mining [[]]
Uniform Clothing [[]]
Vehicles Aviation [[]]
Ground Vehicles FN Herstal
Naval Vessels [[]]
Vehicle Parts Aircraft Engines [[]]
Gunsights [[]]
Steering Units [[]]
Submarine Engines [[]]
Transmissions [[]]
Vehicle Engines [[]]
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