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The Experimental Type5 Gun Tank, confidential name Ho-Ri (ホリ) is a late-war Japanese tank destroyer.
Japan Empire Japanese Land Vehicles of WWII Japan Empire Army - Tracked
Light Tanks Tankettes TypeKa MG VehicleType92 Heavy Armoured CarType94 Light Armoured Car 'TK'Type97 Light Armoured Car 'Te-Ke'
Standard Light Tanks Model Kō TankModel Otsu TankType95 Light Tank 'Ha-Gō'Experimental Light Tank 'Ke-Ni A'Experimental Light Tank 'Ke-Ni B'Type98 Light Tank 'Ke-Ni'Type2 Light Tank 'Ke-To'Experimental Type3 Light Tank 'Ke-Ri'Type3 Light Tank 'Ke-Ru'Type4 Light Tank 'Ke-Nu'Type5 Light Tank 'Ke-Ho'
Railroad Tanks Type95 So-Ki
Medium Tanks Standard Medium Tanks Experimental No. 1 TankExperimental No. 1 Tank RevisedType89 Medium Tank 'I-Gō' (Otsu)Experimental Medium Tank 'Chi-Ni'Type97 Medium Tank 'Chi-Ha' (Kai)Experimental Type98 Medium Tank 'Chi-Ho'Type1 Medium Tank 'Chi-He'Type3 Medium Tank 'Chi-Nu' (Kai)Chi-To Prototype IChi-To Prototype IIExperimental Type5 Medium Tank 'Chi-Ri''Chi-Se'
Medium Command Tanks Type97 Shi-Ki
Heavy Tanks Standard Heavy Tanks Experimental Type91 Heavy TankType95 Heavy Tank 'Ro-Gō'
Super Heavy Tanks Experimental Super-Heavy Tank 'O-I'
Amphibious Tanks Standard Amphibious Tanks SR AmphibSR-ISR-IISR-III
Special Motor Launches Type2 Ka-MiType3 Ka-ChiType4 Ka-TsuType5 To-Ku
Self-Propelled Guns Tank Destroyers Type1 Ho-Ni IType1 Ho-Ni IIType3 Ho-Ni IIIExperimental Type5 Gun Tank 'Ho-Ri'Experimental Type5 47mm Self-Propelled Gun 'Ho-Ru'Type5 Na-ToType5 Na-To II'Ji-Ro'
Self-Propelled Gun / Assault Gun So-ToType97 Chi-Ha 12cm Short GunType97 Chi-Ha 12cm Long GunType2 Ho-IKa-ToType4 Ho-RoType4 Ha-ToType5 Ho-Chi
Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun Ki-ToTa-SeSo-KiTa-Ha
Miscellaneous Amphibious Transport FB Swamp Vehicle
Remote-Controlled Explosives Type98 Miniature Engineer Otsu
Transport & Towing Chi-Ke TractorHolt 30Komatsu 3 ton TractorType92 I-KeType92 Ni-KuType94 Yo-KeType95 Ho-FuType98 Six Ton Prime MoverT-G Crawler TruckType98 Ro-KeType98 Shi-KeType98 So-DaType 1 Ho-Ki
Misc Brasso-KiSo-RaType94 Disinfecting VehicleType94 Gas Scattering VehicleType 95 Ri-KiType 97 Ho-KType97 Cable LayerType97 Pole PlanterType 97 Chi-YiuType 96 Se-RiType 1 AOVS-K Trench ExcavatorSōkō Sagyō KiChō Gō Ki TGType100 Te-Re
Japan Empire Japanese Land Vehicles of WWII Japan Empire Army - Half-Tracks
Combat Amphibious Offensive Chenilette St-Chamond M1921Inoma-KaminishiSumida AMP
Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun Type 98 Ho-Ki SPAAG
Utility Transport & Towing Type95 KuroganeType98 Ho-Ki Prime MoverType1 Ho-Ha
Amphibious Transport & Towing Ishikawan Jime
Japan Empire Japanese Land Vehicles of WWII Japan Empire Army - Wheeled
Combat Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun Type98 Ta-Se (truck)
Self-Propelled Anti-Tank Gun Nissan 80
Armoured / Scout / Patrol Cars Austin Model 1918British Crossley Mk IType92 OsakaType87 Armoured CarType3 SumidaType92 ChiyodaType92 Chokei SenshaType92 Kokusan
Utility Transport & Towing Nissan 180Nissan Model 97Toyota KBToyota KCType94 TruckType97 TruckType1 TruckType2 Truck
Staff Cars Nissan 70Toyota SyokiType92 ChiyodaModel93 Staff CarModel95 KuroganeNissan Model97 Staff CarType98 Staff Car
Amphibious Transport & Towing Su-Ki Amphibious Truck
Motocycles Model 97 KuroganeSanrinsha