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China South Industries Corporation or CSGC (China South Group Corporation) (Chinese: 中国南方工业集团公司 or 中国兵器装备集团公司) is a Chinese manufacturer of automobiles, motorcycles, firearms, vehicle parts, optical-electronic products and other special products domestically and internationally.

CSGC Products
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Anti-Materiel Rifles AMR-2
Submachine Guns CS/LS2QCQ-05QCW-05
Design and Manufacturing firms of China
Post-World War II
Artillery & Small Arms Ammunition [[]]
Artillery [[]]
Firearms AstraCSGCHawkNORINCO
Optics [[]]
Industry Chemical, Fuel, Power Generation [[]]
Metals / Polymers [[]]
Uniform Armour [[]]
Vehicles Aviation [[]]
Ground Vehicles [[]]
Naval Vessels [[]]
Vehicle Parts Aircraft Engines [[]]
Gunsights [[]]
Steering Units [[]]
Submarine Engines [[]]
Transmissions [[]]
Vehicle Engines [[]]