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The CR223 is a German assault rifle developed from the M4 Carbine.

AR-15 Derivatives
American 601602603604607 (A)609610614629630633635645653654655656715723725727733750920921933945950991AR-15AR57AR-556Barrett M468Barrett REC7CA-415CM901Colt ACRDS-25GP-NIAR6940 (HP)J16J18J19CJ21J22J23J24J48J71J450KAC SR-15KAC SR-16KAC SR-25LMT MWSLVOA-CLVOA-SLWRC M6M4 Carbine (A1)M16 (A1A2A3A4)M231 FPWOA K3BOA K23BR6450SaintSR-556SWORD Mk-15 (PPPURG-IDC)Type-A CQBR Resto-ModXM177 (E1E2)ZRO Delta Ready Series (RangeMissionGame17.76)ZRO Delta Venator
Austrian STM 556
Botswanian MRR15.7MMRR11.6S
British L119A1 (A2)
Canadian C7 (A1A2CT)C8A1 (A2CTIURSFW)LSW (A1)NEA-15
Chinese CQ311CS/LM11CS/LR25
Czech LA-15
Danish Kb M/96LSV M/04Gv M/95Gv M/96Gv M/10
German CR223Haenel MK556HK 416 (A5A7C)HK 417HK M4
Italian AP-15AP-74
Korean Daewoo K2
New Zealand MARS-L
Philippine M16 22
Russian ADAR 2-15GM-15 (-10)ORSIS-AR15JR-715STM-7STM-9STM-15STM-40STM-300STM-308STM-366STM-922STM-GRSTM-SMTK515
Turkish MPT-55 (K)Safir T-14
Haenel Products
Firearms (until 1945) Haenel.svg
Assault Rifles MKb 42(H)StG 44
Pistols [[]]
Submachine Guns MP 38MP 40MP 41
Firearms (since 2008) Haenel 2008.svg
Assault Rifles CR223
Hunting Rifles Jaeger 9Jaeger 10
Sniper Rifles RS8RS9
Flag of West Germany - Bundesflagge West Germany
Modern Period (1991 — Present)
Infantry Weapons
Melee Weapons Bayonet [[]]
Survival Weapon [[]]
Sidearms Pistol HK 45 (CompactCompact TacticalTactical)Mark 23P 8P 30 (LSDSKSK S)P 46P 2000SFP (99 L9 L OR9 M9 Match OR9 OR9 SK40)UCPUSP (99 Custom Sport9 Elite9 Expert4040 Custom Sport40 Expert4545 Custom Sport45 Elite45 Expert45 Tactical)
Revolver [[]]
Machine Pistol [[]]
Close Quarters Personal Defense Weapon MP7 (A1A2)
Submachine Gun HK PDWMP 5 (A1A2A3A4A5)MP 60MP 61MP 64UMP (94045)USC
Shotgun (automatic) [[]]
Shotgun (semi-automatic) [[]]
Shotgun (manual-action) HK FP6
Primary Weapons Assault Rifle (5.45/5.56) CR223HK 50HK 237HK 337HK 416 (A5A7A8)HK 433HK 437G36 (A1A2)XM8XM29
Assault Rifle (other) [[]]
Assault Carbine (5.45/5.56) HK 416C
Assault Carbine (other) [[]]
Battle Rifles HK 417G 3 (A1A2A3N A3A4A5A6A7A7 A1)G 28
Battle Carbine [[]]
Automatic Support Weapons Light Support Weapon [[]]
Light Machine Gun HK GR6 (CS)HK GR9 (CS)HK MG 36
General Purpose Machine Gun HK 121HK 123MG 3 (A1)MG 4MG 5 (A1)
Heavy Machine Gun [[]]
Long Range Anti-Materiel Rifle [[]]
Bolt-Action Rifle [[]]
Designated Marksman Rifle [[]]
Launchers Grenade Launcher (Attachment) [[]]
Grenade Launcher (Standalone) XM25
Disposable Rocket Launcher [[]]
Rocket Launcher [[]]
Non-Lethal Weapons Pistol [[]]
Underwater Weapons Sidearm P11
Rifle [[]]
Explosives Anti-Personnel Mines [[]]
Anti-Tank Mines [[]]
Offensive Grenades [[]]
Smoke Grenades [[]]
Infantry Equipment
Clothing Backpacks [[]]
Body Armour [[]]
Bomb Suit [[]]
Elbow and knee pads [[]]
Signals & IFF [[]]
Suits [[]]
Vests & Webbing [[]]
Headwear Communication [[]]
Gas Masks & Rebreathers [[]]
Goggles [[]]
Helmets [[]]
Vehicle Headwear [[]]
Optics, Detection and Surveillance Man-Portable Radar [[]]
Mine Detectors [[]]
Night Vision Goggles [[]]
Periscopes [[]]
Rangefinders [[]]
Surveillance [[]]
Anti-Aircraft Guns [[]]
Anti-Tank Guns [[]]
Anti-Tank Guided Missile Launchers [[]]
Anti-Tank Guided Missiles [[]]
Grenade Machine Guns [[]]
Howitzers [[]]
Mortars [[]]
Railroad Artillery [[]]
Recoilless Guns [[]]
Rocket Artillery [[]]
Siege Artillery [[]]
Land Vehicle Weapons
Vehicle Machine Guns HK MG 5A1
40mm Tank Guns [[]]
75mm Tank Guns [[]]
76.2mm Tank Guns [[]]
84mm Tank Guns [[]]
94mm Tank Guns [[]]
105mm Tank Guns [[]]
120mm Tank Guns [[]]
Howitzers [[]]
Vehicle Autocannon [[]]
ATGMs [[]]
Aircraft Weapons & Munitions
7.62mm Machine Guns [[]]
12.7mm Machine Guns [[]]
23mm Cannons [[]]
30mm Cannons [[]]
37mm Cannons [[]]
Rocket Pods [[]]
Rockets [[]]
Air-to-Air Missiles [[]]
Air-to-Ship Missiles [[]]
Air-to-Surface Missiles [[]]
Anti-Radiation Missiles [[]]
Cruise Missiles [[]]
Bombs [[]]