Boeing Model 299

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The Boeing Model 299 (erroneously known as XB-17) is an American prototype heavy bomber developed by Boeing in the early 1930s.

The design was developed by Boeing for a contract by the USAAF that wanted a bomber that was capable of carrying 907 kg of bombs at 322 km/h.



Boeing Model 299
Prototype model.


Boeing Y1B-17-BO


Boeing Y1B-17A-BO


Boeing B-17B-BO


Boeing B-17C-BO


Boeing B-17D-BO


Boeing B-17E-BO


Boeing B-17F-1-BO
Boeing B-17F-1-DL
Boeing B-17F-1-VE
Boeing B-17F-5-BO
Boeing B-17F-5-DL
Boeing B-17F-5-VE
Boeing B-17F-10-BO
Boeing B-17F-10-DL
Boeing B-17F-10-VE
Boeing B-17F-15-BO
Boeing B-17F-15-DL
Boeing B-17F-15-VE
Boeing B-17F-20-BO
Boeing B-17F-20-DL
Boeing B-17F-20-VE
Boeing B-17F-25-BO
Boeing B-17F-25-DL
Boeing B-17F-25-VE
Boeing B-17F-27-BO
Boeing B-17F-30-BO
Boeing B-17F-30-DL
Boeing B-17F-30-VE
Boeing B-17F-35-BO
Boeing B-17F-35-DL
Boeing B-17F-35-VE
Boeing B-17F-40-BO
Boeing B-17F-40-DL
Boeing B-17F-40-VE
Boeing B-17F-45-BO
Boeing B-17F-45-DL
Boeing B-17F-45-VE
Boeing B-17F-50-BO
Boeing B-17F-50-DL
Boeing B-17F-50-VE
Boeing B-17F-55-BO
Boeing B-17F-55-DL
Boeing B-17F-60-BO
Boeing B-17F-60-DL
Boeing B-17F-65-BO
Boeing B-17F-65-DL
Boeing B-17F-70-BO
Boeing B-17F-70-DL
Later renamed to B-17G-1-DL.
Boeing B-17F-75-BO
Boeing B-17F-75-DL
Boeing B-17F-80-BO
Boeing B-17F-80-DL
Boeing B-17F-85-BO
Boeing B-17F-85-DL
Boeing B-17F-90-BO
Boeing B-17F-95-BO
Boeing B-17F-100-BO
Boeing B-17F-105-BO
Boeing B-17F-110-BO
Boeing B-17F-115-BO
Boeing B-17F-120-BO
Boeing B-17F-125-BO
Boeing B-17F-130-BO


Boeing B-17G-1-BO
Boeing B-17G-1-DL
Originally named B-17F-70-DL.
Boeing B-17G-1-VE
Boeing B-17G-5-BO
Boeing B-17G-5-DL
Boeing B-17G-5-VE
Boeing B-17G-10-BO
Boeing B-17G-10-DL
Boeing B-17G-10-VE
Boeing B-17G-15-BO
Boeing B-17G-15-DL
Boeing B-17G-15-VE
Boeing B-17G-20-BO
Boeing B-17G-20-DL
Boeing B-17G-20-VE
Boeing B-17G-25-BO
Boeing B-17G-25-DL
Boeing B-17G-25-VE
Boeing B-17G-30-BO
Boeing B-17G-30-DL
Boeing B-17G-30-VE
Boeing B-17G-35-BO
Boeing B-17G-35-DL
Boeing B-17G-35-VE
Boeing B-17G-40-BO
Boeing B-17G-40-DL
Boeing B-17G-40-VE
Boeing B-17G-45-BO
Boeing B-17G-45-DL
Boeing B-17G-45-VE
Boeing B-17G-50-BO
Boeing B-17G-50-DL
Boeing B-17G-50-VE
Boeing B-17G-55-BO
Boeing B-17G-55-DL
Boeing B-17G-55-VE
Boeing B-17G-60-BO
Boeing B-17G-60-DL
Boeing B-17G-60-VE
Boeing B-17G-65-BO
Boeing B-17G-65-DL
Boeing B-17G-65-VE
Boeing B-17G-70-BO
Boeing B-17G-70-DL
Boeing B-17G-70-VE
Boeing B-17G-75-BO
Boeing B-17G-75-DL
Boeing B-17G-75-VE
Boeing B-17G-80-BO
Boeing B-17G-80-DL
Boeing B-17G-80-VE
Boeing B-17G-85-BO
Boeing B-17G-85-DL
Boeing B-17G-85-VE
Boeing B-17G-90-BO
Boeing B-17G-90-DL
Boeing B-17G-90-VE
Boeing B-17G-95-BO
Boeing B-17G-95-DL
Boeing B-17G-95-VE
Boeing B-17G-100-BO
Boeing B-17G-100-DL
Boeing B-17G-100-VE
Boeing B-17G-105-BO
Boeing B-17G-105-VE
Boeing B-17G-110-BO
Boeing B-17G-110-VE
Boeing B-17G-115-VE


Boeing CB-17G-50-DL
Troop transport version capable of carrying 64 soldiers. 25 built.
Boeing DB-17G
Drone variant.
Boeing JB-17G
Engine test bed.
Boeing QB-17L
Target drone.
Boeing QB-17N
Target drone.
Boeing RB-17G
Reconnaissance variant.
Boeing SB-17G
Rescue variant.
Boeing TB-17G
Special duty training version.
Boeing VB-17G
VIP transport version.
Boeing PB-1
Test project version.
Boeing PB-1G
Coast Guard rescue aircraft.
Boeing PB-1W
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