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The AKS-74UBN (GRAU Index: 6P27N) is a Soviet assault carbine, developed in the 1970's from the AKS-74UB. The key difference is that the AKS-74UBN is mounted with a Warsaw Pact Rail to allow optics.


AKS-74U — 6P26
Short carbine model developed from the AKS-74.
AKS-74UB — 6P27
AKS-74U with PBS-4 suppressor.
AKS-74UBN — 6P27N
AKS-74UB with Warsaw Pact Rail.
AKS-74UBN1 — 6P27N1
AKS-74UBN with 1PN34 night optic.
AKS-74UBN2 — 6P27N2
AKS-74UBN with 1PN58 night optic.
AKS-74UBN3 — 6P2N3
AKS-74UBN with 1PN51 night optic.
AKS-74UN — 6P26N
AKS-74U with Warsaw Pact Rail.
AKS-74UN1 — 6P26N1
AKS-74UN with 1PN34 night optic.
AKS-74UN2 — 6P26N2
AKS-74UN with 1PN58 night optic.
AKS-74UN3 — 6P26N3
AKS-74UN with 1PN51 night optic.