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The AK-12/410 is a conceptualized, prototype shotgun derivative of both the AK-12, and the other, whilst at the time real, never realized prototype variation, the AK-12/76 shotgun design.

It would have been chambered in .410 Bore, most likely to reach retail sales to the civilian market worldwide.

Notably, as per most pre-production AK-12 variants, there is no actual nor physical proof of the shotgun's existence. Thus, most information on the firearm may come from second-hand sources, or pure speculation about the concept.


Presumably, after the announcement of the AK-12/76 shotgun design in 2013, designers at Izhmash (or possibly Izhmekh since it is a sporting weapon) saw the opportunity to expand the AK-12 shotgun concept into a more wide-spread, and overall more versatile market by expanding the selection the consumer can make when it came to the shotgun itself. This would be completed by converting an also by proposing a wide variety of different calibers, or cartridge for the overall design of the weapon.

As per to fulfill the notion of marketplace versatility in different fields such as sporting and hunting, the concept of a .410 Bore AK-12 was quite simple of a task to develop. All such a feat would require is to rechamber the already fully-conceptualized AK-12/76 design to feed .410 instead of 12 Gauge (or 12/76mm).

However, sometime in late 2013, despite apparent progress on the (at the time) new shotgun series, most original pre-production AK-12 concept models would see cancellation for unknown reasons. Naturally, this choice included the AK-12/76 design, thus similar models an conversions of the weapon such as the .410 conversion would never see any physical production models ever created.

Interestingly, since the existence of the AK-12/76 is known, and can be confirmed, the simplicity of a .410 conversion has more credibility than most of the other conceptualized AK-12 prototype variations.


The appearance of the AK-12/410 is visually identical to the AK-12/76 design. This means it fulfills such properties as as fully ambidextrous controls, a four-point fire selector, an a universal (both sides are operational) charging handle. Also alike other AK platform firearms (but unlike most other shotguns), it would have used a gas-operated, long stroke gas piston, rotating bolt action.

Since the purpose of such firearm was has intention for worldwide market attention, it would most likely have used STANAG 4694 NATO accessory rail, over the military-spec STANAG 2324 NATO accessory rail, which is present in some of the other AK-12 concept variants.

Another effect of the shared design, is that this shotgun model could also erroneously be called the DBV-12/410, with the name “DBV” itself deriving from the term "drobovik," which means shotgun when translated from Russian language,


AK-12 — 6P70M
Production model in 5,45x39mm.
Carbine production model in 5,45x39mm.
AK-15 — 6P71
Production model in 7,62x39mm.
Carbine production model in 7,62x39mm.
Production model in 5.56x45mm.
Light machine gun model in 5,45x39mm.
Export model in 7.62x51mm / .308 Winchester.


AK-12 izd. 2012g.
2012 prototype.
AK-12 izd. 2013g.
2013 prototype.
AK-12 izd. 2014g.
2014 prototype.
AK-12 izd. 2015g.
2015 prototype.
AK-12 izd. 2016g.
Last prototype model.
AK-12 izd. 2017g. — 6P70
First production model no longer in production. Features different stock, iron sights, and other minor changes.


A lot of these are considered fictional, as the only media using them is video games and photoshopped images of the official 2012 concept AK-12.

2012 concept chambered in 12/76mm.
2012 concept chambered in .410 Bore. Possibly fake.
2012 concept chambered in .30-06 Springfield. Possibly fake.
2012 concept chambered in 5.56x45mm. Possibly fake.
AK-12/223 Carbine
2012 concept carbine chambered in 5.56x45mm. Possible fake.
2012 concept chambered in .308 Winchester. Possibly fake.
2012 balanced recoil concept chambered in 5,45x39mm. Possibly fake.
2012 concept chambered in 7,62x39mm. While this cartridge was used in development, the weapon in this configuration is possibly fake.
AK-12/762 Carbine
2012 concept carbine chambered in 7,62x39mm. Possibly fake.
2012 concept carbine chambered in 5,45x39mm. A compact AK-12 would be named AKU-12 or AK-12K, rendering this this congfiguration possibly fake.
2012 concept compact carbine chambered in 5,45x39mm. Possibly fake.
2012 concept submachine gun chambered in 9x39mm. Possibly fake.
2012 concept underwater firearm. Possibly fake.
2012 concept light machine gun chambered in 5,45x39mm. Possibly fake.
2012 concept marksman rifle chambered for an unknown cartridge. Possibly fake.

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