The 7.92mm BESA is a tank machine gun developed by Britain. It is largely used in British land vehicles from the late 1930s through to the early 1960s. The Mk. III Besa is the most commonly found.


Besa Mk. I
Original production model from 1939 to early 1940.
Besa Mk. II
Second, improved model entering service in June 1940, ending production in 1943. This model was the first to include the fire-rate switch.
Besa Mk. II*
Transitional model, using new simplified parts while being backwards compatible with Mk. II parts. Introduced in 1943.
Besa Mk. III
Simplified model without fire rate selector, locked on the high fire rate mode of 750 to 850 rounds per minute. Introduced in 1943, and was produced till 1951.
Besa Mk. III*
Simplified model without fire rate selector, locked on the low fire rate mode of 450 to 550 rounds per minute. Introduced in 1943, and was produced till 1952.
Besa Mk. III**
Post-war model with production starting in 1952 through 1966. It featured a new bracket and body cover.
Besa Mk. III***
Post-war model with production starting in 1954 through 1966. A replacement for the Mk. III**, featuring a new barrel ans sleeve, with larger gas vents on the cylinder.
15mm BESA
The 15mm BESA is a variant of the BESA that is chambered in 15x104mm Brno.
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