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The 5.56mm Type 64 Rifle (abbreviated as Type 64) is a Taiwanese assault rifle developed in the early 1970s.


In the 1960s, Taiwan purchased a small batch of M16s from the United States to trial, and in the 1970s the M16A1 was also purchased. The Taiwanese military was impressed with the weapon and began development of their own domestic copy.

The M16 was seen as a good firearm, but Taiwan decided against the M16's internals for unknown reasons. Two main theories are posed for this decision; that Taiwan's industry was underdeveloped and the stamped AR-18 internals proved easier to manufacture, or the US experience with the somewhat error-prone M16 (pre-M16A1) gas system and its blockages lead to the alternate choice. Either way, the AR-18 was chosen, and an unnamed domestic copy of the AR-18 was manufactured in 1973, and work began on improving the design with elements from the AR-15/M16A1 design.

Externally, the weapon resembled an AR-15 but with AR-18 furniture and sights, but internally it was primarily AR-18 components. A collection of these weapons, now known as 5.56mm Type 64 Rifle, entered trials with the Taiwanese military. The weapon was seen as a major success, but could do with minor improvements, which lead to the 5.56mm T65 Rifle being adopted after minor changes to the furniture.


The Type 64 Rifle is a development of the AR-15 and AR-18 platforms. The weapon consists of the AR-15, with the AR-18 short-stroke gas piston system instead of the AR-15 method. The bolt mechanism, the firing mechanism, the charging handle, and all other parts are that of the AR-15 design. The auxiliary 'forward assist' and carry handle sights were removed, with new tritium night iron sights added, with similar appearance to the AR-18. The furniture was unique, but sharing inspiration from both the AR-15 and AR-18 models.

A manufacture or derivative license was not purchased for the AR-15 or AR-18, which resulted in a suing for copyright infringement. It is unknown how this case was resolved, but production continued either way.

5.56mm Type 64 Rifle
Prototype model.
5.56mm T65 Rifle
Standard model.
5.56mm T65K1 Rifle
Improved model with new handguard. ~24,000 built.
5.56mm T65K2 Rifle
Overhauled model with many improvements, including compatibility with STANAG magazines.
5.56mm T65K2 Carbine
Compact T65K2 from 1993 with a shorter barrel and stock from the Colt 733.
5.56mm T65K3 Carbine
Compact T65K2 from 1995/1996 with a short barrel (but longer than the T62K2 Carbine), and many improvements. Not adopted.
T65K2 Training Gun
Training version with brown furniture and red muzzle device, cannot fire.
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