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5.45x39mm is a Soviet intermediate cartridge introduced in the early 1970s.

For weapons chambered for this cartridge, see the Category Page


7N6 — PS gs
PS, steel core, steel sleeve.
7N6VK — PS (TUS) gs
PS TUS, hard alloy heat strengthened core, steel sleeve
7N6M — PS gs
PS, steel core (without cavity in the head (?)).
7N7 — Pst gl (MPTs)
Steel core, brass sleeve.
7N10 — PP gs
Increased penetration PP, steel sleeve.
7N10M — PP gs
Increased penetration (without cavity in the head (?)), steel sleeve.
7N20 — BP gs
BP, armour piercing, steel sleeve.
7N22 — BP gs
BP, armour piercing, steel sleeve.
7N24 — BS gs
BS, armour piercing, steel sleeve.
7N24-01 — BS gs
BS, armour piercing (increased), steel sleeve.
7N24M — BS
BS, armour piercing (increased), steel sleeve.
7N39 PPBS gs «Igol'nik»
PPBS, armour piercing (increased), steel sleeve.
Increased accuracy cartridge.
Tracer cartridge.
7T3 T gs
T, tracer, steel sleeve.
7T3M TM gs
TM, tracer, steel sleeve.
7U1 US gs
US, subsonic, steel sleeve.
7Kh4 UCh gs
UCh, training, steel sleeve.

1946 - Present
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