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The 40mm Gun Motor Carriage, M34 (abbreviated as M34 GMC) is an American self-propelled anti-aircraft gun developed in 1950 from the M15A1 CGMC.


In 1950 self-propelled anti-aircraft guns such as the M16 MGMC and the M15A1 CGMC were shipped to Korea via Japan to fight in the Korean War. Ammunition shortages for the 37mm gun present on the M15A1 CGMC resulted in the replacement of the 37mm gun (and by extension the twin .50 caliber machine guns) with a 40mm Automatic Gun M1. The conversion was called the 40mm Gun Motor Carriage, T19, although it was later classified as limited standard under OCM 33894 as 40mm Gun Motor Carriage, M34. 104 M15A1 CGMC were converted in Japan, where they then entered service with various units.


Combination Gun Motor Carriage, T28
Prototype model on the M2 Halftrack with 37mm M1A2 (in mount M3E1) and two watercooled .50 M2s. Four pilot models built.
Combination Gun Motor Carriage, T28E1
Prototype model on the M3 Halftrack with 37mm M1A2 (in mount M3E1) and two watercooled .50 M2s. 78 built, 76 of which were sent into service.
Combination Gun Motor Carriage, M15
Production model on the M3 Halftrack with 37mm M1A2 and two Machine Gun, Caliber .50, M2, HB, Flexible (together in Combination Gun Mount, M42). 600 built.
Combination Gun Motor Carriage, M15E1
Model with Combination Gun Mount, T87 instead of M42, cannon is now located above the machine guns and the gunshield has been removed.
Combination Gun Motor Carriage, M15A1
Adjusted and standardized M15E1 model. M54 Combination Gun Mount. 1,652 built.


40mm Gun Motor Carriage, M34 — T19
Converted M15A1 CGMC with all armament replaced with a 40mm Automatic Gun, M1.
Multiple Gun Motor Carriage, T37
Converted T28 CGMC with four Machine Gun, Caliber .50, M2, HB, Flexible in M60 mount.
Multiple Gun Motor Carriage, T37E1
Converted T28 CGMC with four Machine Gun, Caliber .50, M2, HB, Flexible in M60E1 mount.


M15 Special


  • Insignia of the 40th Infantry Division 40th Infantry Division "Sunshine Division"
    • 140th AAA Battalion
      • B Battery
  • Other units received the M34 GMC but are unknown.
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