The 37mm Gun, M3 is an American anti-tank gun.


37mm Gun, T3
The first prototype.
37mm Gun, T7
A prototype with semi-automatic horizontal sliding block breech.
37mm Gun, T8
A prototype with Nordenfelt eccentric crew breech.
37mm Gun, T10
Standardized as M3 in 1938, manual vertical block breech.
37mm Gun, M3
Towed version, manual breech.
37mm Gun, M3A1
Version with threaded barrel end to accept a muzzle brake, which was never issued.
37mm Gun, M5
37mm M5

37mm M5

Tank mounted variant with shorter barrel.
37mm Gun, M6

Tank mounted variant with original barrel length and semi-automatic breech.


T5 / M4
Adopted version.
Improved traverse controls.
Airborne Carriage
In 1942, Airborne Command requested a version with removable trails. A prototype was tested, but in 1943 the project was deemed unnecessary and was dropped.


Ammunition came in boxes marked 37x223R, Cartridge Case M16.

AP M74 Shot
AP-T - Armour Piercing Tracer
  • Overall Weight: 1.51kg
  • Projectile Weight: 0.87kg
  • Muzzle Velocity: 884m/s
  • Penetration @ 457m/0°: 36mm
  • Penetration @ 914m/20°: 25mm
APC M51 Shot
APCBC-T - Armour Piercing Capped Ballistic Cap
  • Overall Weight: 1.58kg
  • Projectile Weight: 0.87kg
  • Muzzle Velocity: 884m/s
  • Penetration @ 457m/0°: 61mm
  • Penetration @ 914m/20°: 53mm
  • Penetration vs homogeneous @ 457m/30°: 53mm
  • Penetration vs homogeneous @ 914m/30°: 46mm
  • Penetration vs homogeneous @ 1,371m/30°: 40mm
  • Penetration vs homogeneous @ 1,828m/30°: 33mm
  • Penetration vs face-hardened @ 457m/30°: 46mm
  • Penetration vs face-hardened @ 914m/30°: 40mm
  • Penetration vs face-hardened @ 1,371m/30°: 38mm
  • Penetration vs face-hardened @ 1,828m/30°: 33mm
HE M63 Shell
HE - High Explosive
  • Overall Weight: 1.42kg
  • Projectile Weight: 0.73kg
  • Filler: 39g TNT
  • Muzzle Velocity: 792m/s
HE - High Explosive
  • Overall Weight: 1.23kg
  • Projectile Weight: 0.56m
  • Filler: 27g TNT
Canister M2
  • Overall Weight: 1.58kg
  • Projectile Weight: 0.88kg
  • Filler: 122 steel balls
  • Muzzle Velocity: 762m/s
TP M51 Shot
TP - Target Practice
  • Overall Weight: 1.45kg
  • Projectile Weight: 0.87kg
Drill Cartridge M13
The M13 cartridge was meant to simulate the APC M51 Shot.
  • Overall Weight: 1.45kg
  • Projectile Weight: 0.73kg
Drill Cartridge T5
The T5 cartridge was meant to simulate the HE M63 Shell.
  • Overall Weight: 1.45kg
  • Projectile Weight: 0.73kg
Blank Cartridge 10-gauge with adapter M2
  • Overall Weight: 0.93kg
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